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Prompt: Do you tend to like music in particular genres, or are your tastes all over the place?  What are your most and least favorite musical genres?

Hmm, I came here to blog something else, but as this question seems cool, here we go. In terms of music, I tend to like a bit of everything. Having said that, if forced to pick a favorite, then I will say I favor 80s music. I like pop, new wave, rock, dance, and similar styles of that era. What can I say? For one, it was the time I grew up with. Second, overall, the music had a feel-good vibe to it that went down the drain with the 90s and afterwards. I also like latin music, classical, a bit of jazz, a bit of country, and even some hip-hop and rap. Lately, I have been enjoying a bit of techno, trance, and similar.

However, I am pretty open minded. You make a suggestion for something to try out, I will give it a try. I also go by mood once in a while. So it depends on what I feel like listening. Do I want something upbeat, or do I want something more mellow? Overall, there is very little music that I dislike. There are some things I would skip, but as I said, overall, I am pretty flexible.

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