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Prompt for Day 26: Show us your Tarot journal if you have one.

I’ve kept writing and journaling for my practice since I started in 2016. I’ve filled up a few notebooks by now. I mainly record my daily draws. Now and then I do spreads which I record, and I jot down spreads to try out later. I also jot down other commonplace notes.

I use nice but inexpensive notebooks and journal books. Usually when some place that sells stationery has a sale or puts some notebooks on clearance, I go stock up.

Below are some photos of my Tarot journals.

Current Tarot journal_01142020 small

This is the journal I am currently using for my Tarot and cartomancy journaling.


Tarot journal blessing text_01142020 small

This is the blessing I write by hand into every notebook I use as Tarot journal.


Sample Tarot journal page with spread_01142020 small

This is a sample Tarot journal page. This is for last year’s (2019) Samhain spread that I did. Though I did the spread on October 31, I did not get around to writing it up in the journal until November 1. When I can, for spreads I did not create I try to jot down source if I can find it.



Selection of Tarot journal notebooks filled_01142020 small

Selection of previous Tarot journals. I can say I was using the Steampunk themed notebook around time I was using the Steampunk Tarot (Moore and Fell). I like variety in my journals as much as possible.

* * * * *

You can find the original prompts by Ethony Dawn here.

I came across this a while back. It is a list of "Ten Essential Homeland Security Books." Regardless of where you may stand politically or about the military operations in Iraq, you probably can learn a bit more by reading these books. The author, Christopher Bellavita, writing for the Homeland Security Affairs journal, gives a short review of each book to help us get a sense of what each book is about. For those who may be wondering, I have read two books on the list: The 9/11 Commission Report (in graphic novel form) and Imperial Hubris.I have also read the three basic documents at the end of the list, but I may want to look at them again. I think a lot of people should be reading those documents again.

A hat tip to the Resource Shelf.

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Don Quijote de la Mancha
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The Comparative Literature Studies journal, vol. 43 issue 4 (2206) is a special edition on "Don Quixote and 400 Years of World Literature." The 400 year anniversary of the great Spanish novel was last year, and I wrote a couple posts related to the celebration over at my professional blog here and here. Unfortunately, back then I had hoped that I would be able to read the great novel again, but life trumped that idea for now. We do have copies at my library of the edition depicted here, which is the one put out by the Real Academia Espanola for the anniversary. So, who knows, I may try again at some point in the future to revisit the novel.

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