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That would be a Chilean wine: Santa Helena–Seleccion del Directorio, which was available sometime in the mid 80s. I used to share this with my godfather back when I was growing up. Yes, I did not grow up in the continental U.S. where having a drink as a minor is somehow seen as some taboo. In fact, having a couple of glasses of wine with some cheese and crackers during those lazy Sundays when I visited with him and the rest of the family, followed by a nice lunch, not only remains one of the nicer memories of my youth, but it was the time when I learned about drinking in moderation. Maybe one of these days I will write about this more in my blog.

Now, I would also add another Chilean wine, a brand simply known as Gato Negro (Black Cat, which was the red wine) and Gato Blanco (yes, White Cat, and it would be their white wine). Pity you can’t get these in the States.

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P.S. What do you know? The wine still exists. See here. Though I wonder if it is as good as those vintages I remember from back in the day.

July 2020


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