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Welcome to another installment in my series of books I want to read. It’s been a while (since June or so of this year) since I have posted here, and I am glad to get something written and posted. In this post, I have added a new feature, “quarantined” books. This is basically books I would like to read, but due to my self-imposed moratorium on political/activist/social issues books I am not getting to them any time soon. I figure that people who do not need to mind their sanity as much as I do in these Hard Times may be interested in such books. I have been working on this particular post in and out for a good while now. Life has kept me busy, so I have been adding to it as I can, and today I can finally share it. Happy reading.



Items about books I want to read:


“Quarantined” books (books that fall under my self-imposed moratorium on politics, activism, etc.). A new category in this series. I am currently under a moratorium on reading anything political, activist, social justice, and such, and I am hoping that moratorium will end some day. . .maybe. . . once the Hard Times end. In the meantime, these are books I would usually read, but I am not in order to keep the sanity, but I am still listing them because I hope a day will come I will feel I can read them again.

  • A  look at why the middle class in the U.S. is not doing well. The book is Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America. It was discussed over at AlterNet.
  • The U.S. has been griping about Russian meddling in U.S. elections and such. However, the U.S. has no ground to stand on morally because it has its own very extensive history of election meddling in other nations. This is discussed over in The Atlantic, including highlights of the book Covert Regime Change (link to publisher. As of this post, the book was not published yet).
  • New book looking at the continuing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The book is The Poisoned City, and it was reviewed at The Christian Science Monitor.
  • Thomas Frank has a book out on what Democrats and liberals in general keep getting wrong about “Main Street USA.” The book is Rendezvous with Oblivion, and he discusses it in an interview at Truthout.
  • Private prisons are a big business in the United States, and they are not in the business of treating prisoners well. NPR takes a look at the book American Prison, where an investigative reporter went undercover and worked as a corrections officer in one of those private prisons to expose what really goes on inside.


Lists and bibliographies:



Someone on my Twitter feed suggested I draw some cards for the solstice. So yesterday, I did get up early, and I did a spread for solstice before I went to work.

I am using Evvie Marin’s Summer Solstice Tarot Spread. I had seen this spread a while back, jotted it in my Tarot journal a couple of years back. When I went to look for a spread this year, I figured a few Tarot folks would have shared a spread or two online for the observance. I could not find one, but fortunate for me I had saved Marin’s spread, which served me well.


Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Martin

Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Marin


Card positions and reading. As noted, The Sun-19, is in the center position. I am using the Gaian Tarot for this spread (link to my review of the Gaian Tarot deck). The card affirmations come from the deck’s companion book.

My summer solstice spread before revealing the cards. In the center is the Sun-19 card.

My summer solstice spread before revealing the cards. In the center is the Sun-19 card.


My summer solstice spread, cards revealed.

My summer solstice spread, cards revealed.


  1. Recover and renew: Ten of Water (Ten of Cups). Soak up energy to make it to that last stretch. Ask what needs to come to an end so rebirth can happen. What legacy am I leaving behind for others? What do I leave so others can grow? Leave the old behind and move into the new. Card’s affirmation: “I have given my best and can rest assured that love will continue to flow” (134).
  2. Rest and relax: Six of Fire (Six of Wands). Rest and relax more. I need to remember that even if I do things quietly, those who need to know will know; the rest of them do not really matter. Take the time to express yourself creatively, just for the fun of it. Things are working out, take some time, rest, celebrate. Take small breaks and be grateful for and enjoy the good you have. You’ve worked for it and earned, so live a little. Card’s affirmation: “I passionately celebrate myself and my tribe” (112).
  3. Rumpus and romp: The Tree- 12 (The Hanged Man- XII). In moments of quiet and solitude. This is a good time to take a little time off, go off, and see things from a new perspective. Theme should be go do something different, see something new, explore and reflect. Take some time to turn things for a different look. Clear space so you can center. Card’s affirmation: “I find serenity in surrendering to the Great Mystery” (52).
  4. Release and Re-Block: Five of Air (Five of Swords). I need to know when to let go off things. You may win some, but others it is better to let go to keep the peace. Choose your battles wisely, and as much as possible, avoid alienating others. If anything, if they take rope to hang themselves, let them have it and stand back. Rather than adding to drama, let it go. Many conflicts can be sidestepped, and you can still come out ahead. Card’s affirmation: “I defend my own place in the world without resorting to bitterness or hurtful words” (106).

Overall, a theme of remaining calm, find your center. You know you are on a good and right path, and your tribe, those that matter, know it and celebrate with you. Keep persevering and avoid unnecessary drama or conflicts. Defend what you need to defend, but otherwise, live well and let the rest go.



In 2018, I made a self-imposed moratorium on reading any book related to politics, social issues, social justice, activism, or other similar topics. After reading White Trash, which I did for our campus Dean’s Faculty Reading Group, I mostly got burned out. So I am pretty much reading a lot of light and escapist stuff. However, I do anticipate a day when I may go back to reading such books, so I am including some of those on my list. Yet it may be a good while before I read those kinds of books again. I pretty much embarked on the #AllOutOfFucksToGiveTour, and I am pretty happy about it. Meanwhile, let’s see what books I am adding to my ever growing TBR list this time. As always, book title links go to WorldCat unless otherwise noted.


Items about books I want to read:


Lists and bibliographies:




You can find the original prompts by A Village of Cards here.

Prompt for Day 15:

Tea Time: Have some tea with your cards! You’re halfway through and deserve a break.

Deck of cards, deck book, and coffee mug

Coffee in my case.

Anyhow, you can see behind the mug my current Tarot journal, my Lyle book (my current basic Tarot reference book, The Illustrated Guide to Tarot), and my Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards by Collette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House (my current oracle deck). These are the divination items I keep on my desk.

Deck featured: Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo.

You can find the original prompts by A Village of Cards here.

Day 14 Prompt:

Hanami: Pull a card (randomly or by design) to represent something that doesn’t last long, so needs to be appreciated while it’s here.


Six of Wands, because all glory is fleeting.

Deck featured: Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo.

You can find the original prompts by A Village of Cards here.

Day 13 prompt:

Rubber Boots: Pull a card randomly. Its numerical value is your puddle-jumping-armour stat. How wet are your feet?

Nine of Wands from the Santa Muerte Tarot


Nine of Wands. Well, on the one hand, nine seems a low number. However, it is wands, the fiery suit, so maybe the fire helps evaporate the water.


Deck used: Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo.

You can find the original prompts by A Village of Cards here.

Day 12 Prompt:

Sweet Pea: For the birth flower of April, talk about a card that always makes you feel good when you pull it.

Justice- XI from Santa Muerte Tarot Justice- XI from the Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night


For me, a card I find reassuring is the Justice- XI card. I do not ask much from life, but one of the things I ask for and strive for is justice and fairness. Justice for me represents order, fairness, getting what is just. Justice may not arrive right away,  but it will in due time.





Decks featured: Santa Muerte Tarot (left side) by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo. Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night (right side) with art by Davide Corsi, published by Lo Scarabeo.

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