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I almost forgot to get this post rolling at the start of June, so here we go. These are the books I reviewed at The Itinerant Librarian for May 2019. If you missed this, or it is new to you, feel free to check them out.

I reviewed the following books last month:

I also reviewed two Tarot decks in the month of May 2019:

Finally, I also watched and commented on some media items in May 2019. See my Media Notes: Roundup for May 2019.



I keep adding books to my ever growing TBR book lists.

Items about books I want to read:

  • A new book is out on the history of cigarettes and corporate imperialism. The book is Cigarettes, Inc., and it is highlighted at TruthOut.
  • Via Vox, this book “not exactly a guide to doing nothing; more like a suggestion that you could refuse to do some of the things that fracture your attention — reading every push notification that crosses your phone screen, watching 500 Instagram stories between every basic task — and protect your mind from becoming slippery and splintered.” This is certainly a concern in our time, and yes, we really need to work on refusing to do certain things just because they are expected or something beeps at you. The book is How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy.
  • A look at American cook books, you know, those books companies make with recipes using their products. The book is American Advertising Cookbooks, and I heard about it via Boing Boing.
  • Apparently not all suburbs were not all nice and quiet and conformist. A few apparently had a share of anarchists and other radicals. You can learn more about this in the book Radical Suburbs. Via CityLab Daily.
  • The New Republic discusses the history of cults in the United States and highlights the book American Messiahs, a book “tracing a series of cults and communes through history from the founding of the American Republic to the fall of Jonestown.”
  • In what I would consider odds and ends, the US Army has a book length report on how to do regime change and interventions. Story via Telesur. You can find the PDF document here.
  • This is one of those books that if I really want to read I may have to buy. Sure, WorldCat has a record but only a British library has it. I am doubtful my library is willing to ILL that for me here in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. The book is Marquis de Sade– 100 Erotic Illustrations, and it was featured in VICE. Amazon may have it though challenge may be finding the English edition (originally in German it seems). Hmm, buying from the publisher, even from abroad, may be an option.
  • My Reader’s Block finds a Poirot book she has not read, the short story collection Poirot Investigates. I have not read the book either as of this post, so adding it to my TBR list.
  • Stupid Fish Productions announces that The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Volume 3 (link to publisher site) is coming (should be out by the time this post is published).
  • This Latino Rebels article about recent history of Puerto Rico, worth a look, highlights a new to me book of photography: The Puerto Rican Diaspora (also additional link to author website).
  • VICE has an excerpt of the memoir Modern Whore. (Also, author’s website. If you want to buy, you likely need to go to the site and order from a store that has it. Amazon not only does not list it, but in their hypocritical search they change a search of “modern whore” to some “clean phrase”).
  • Given the issues of trade wars the United States is flaring up around the world in places like Mexico, this book may be of interest. The book is Eating NAFTA, and it was highlighted at the Food Politics blog. This book may also be good to read along side Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies (link to my review).
  • Speaking of food and food policy, Food Politics blog also highlights the book Grand Food Bargain. The blogger describes the book as “A former USDA insider’s account of what our Grand Food Bargain—a system focused on ever-increasing production of cheap food—actually costs Americans in poor health, environmental degradation, and loss of agrarian values and community.”


“Quarantined” books (books that fall under my self-imposed moratorium on politics, activism, etc.). A new category in this series. I am currently under a moratorium on reading anything political, activist, social justice, and such, and I am hoping that moratorium will end some day. . .maybe. . . once the Hard Times end. In the meantime, these are books I would usually read, but I am not in order to keep the sanity, but I am still listing them because I hope a day will come I will feel I can read them again.


Lists and bibliographies:





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