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Here is some good advice, via The Chicago Tribune and YALSA, on what to do when your teen reads a book you may find objectionable. It is worth reading. Some highlights:

  • The main lesson: Do not freak out. It’s a book, not the end of the world. In fact, you probably want to be happy your teen is reading.
  • You may want to read the book yourself. Personally, this is an important one. I have no respect for censors who object to books they have not read. Do not take the word of your minister, neighbor,or that busybody lady at work. Get a hold of the book and read it yourself. Then decide if it is objectionable to you. No one is saying that in the end the book may not be for you. But at least put in the work and judge for yourself.
  • Make it a learning experience for both of you. Use the reading the experience as an opportunity to talk about any issues raised by the book. You can outline your objections, but in the end, the teen should have the opportunity to defend why he or she is reading it, what is compelling and appealing about it.

Now go on and read the rest of it. My three readers, and anyone else out there, feel free to comment (within reason and politely).

April 2020


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