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I had a bit of a busy weekend, but I still managed to get my summer solstice Tarot reading for 2020. As I did back in 2018, last time I posted a summer solstice reading here, I am using Evvie Marin’s Summer Solstice Tarot Spread. I like the spread because it is a short and fairly basic spread. Card instructions and questions by Marin. The card readings are mine.

Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Martin

Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Martin

This year I am using the Santa Muerte Tarot deck by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo (link to my review of the deck at The Itinerant Librarian; link to a deck interview spread using this deck). In this pandemic time, it felt like the deck to use, plus its quirky humor can help.

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread 2020_062120 small

Summer Solstice Spread 2020, using Santa Muerte Tarot deck


Card positions and reading. As noted, The Sun-XIX, is in the center position.

I. Recover and Renew. What do I need to pull from this season? What do I need to soak up from the sun?

Six of Swords. I see we are starting serious. You need to leave behind what you cannot control, what does not serve you. Chart your own path for this solstice and the rest of the year. Pull any lessons you can get, then get moving on your new path. Soak up energy so you can commit and get going. Take what is yours, leave behind the rest. Seek out new paths for your greatest good. This may be a good time to expand your learning.

II. Rest and Relax. Where in my life do I most need to rest and relax? What stressors can I step away from for a spell? What can afford to sit in the back-burner while I take a minute?

Eight of Cups. On the emotional front, rest and relax. Work on not overthinking so much, on worrying less. Don’t feel like you need to take every burden; some worries are not that big a deal, or they do not affect you closely (if at all). So take a good deep breath, cleanse yourself, let that stuff go. When you feel overwhelmed emotionally, seek some distraction, disconnect, tune out. Get your rest, relax, follow the old rule that at the end of the day you go home and rest. This is still about moving away, but in a more emotional way. If you can’t control it, work on not losing sleep over it. Get your rest. Calm the mind.

III. Rumpus and Romp. Where in life can I celebrate and play? What’s a good theme for a summer adventure?

King of Cups. Just have a drink or two, man. Do so at home where it is safe. Celebrate the good at home as much as you can. Share that good with family or those close to you. Try out a new cocktail recipe. Cook a meal or two at home and share with family. Isolation does not mean you stop the celebration. It just means your guest list may be a lot smaller. Eat, drink, be merry, and share that mirth as you can. That good bottle of wine or liquor (or some non-alcoholic option) you’ve been saving, it’s a good time to open it now. Celebrate the good things you have. Benevolence.

IV. Release and Re-Block. Where do I need to watch for burnout? How can I protect myself to get the best out of the season with minimal scrapes and burns?

Page of Cups. This is where tuning out and disconnecting come in. Limit exposure to news and current events media, and this does include social media. Beware that need to be informed; it can easily lead to burnout. So work on minimizing that need, ration it to a minimum. Again, a good time to try new things, new learning, new hobbies, new (or old) entertainments. Find new things to keep your attention in learning and/or entertainment.

The Advice of the Dead for this card from the companion booklet seemed spot on, so here goes:

“Continue to study and to dedicate yourself to what you are doing and good results will not take long to arrive, but do not let yourself be distracted by facile illusions” (28).

An overall theme this year of isolating more, go into yourself, go inside. Leave stuff that does not serve you, and work for yourself now. Protect your emotional well-being. Plus a bit of escapism and distraction can be healthy, and that you can certainly afford to do. Work on that.


I decided to do a small Tarot spread for Beltane as we move slowly but surely into summer. Beltane this year fell on May 1st, last Friday. I did the spread over the weekend, and I am posting it now to share.

I used the spread created by The Butterfly Witch:

beltane-spread by butterfly witch small

I used the Vivid Journey Tarot deck. Here is the spread laid out:

Beltane Tarot Spread_050320 small

Read spread left to right. 1. Ten of Wands. 2. The Fool-0. 3. Five of Cups. Deck used Vivid Journey Tarot.

Prompts and cards drawn:

1. Seed. What are you ready to grow and manifest?

Ten of Wands. Burdens. Hard work. You’ve been loading up and loading up, and while hard work is good, overdoing it is not. You are getting ready to let some of the burdens go. You are realizing the current path is not sustainable, so it’s time to drop some things, rebalance others, and start anew. You are ready to release things. The hard work is going to pay off.


2. Flame. The passion that will guide you.

The Fool- 0. A sense of wonder, open mind, and desire to take a chance will guide you. As tasks are completed, you search for something new. A sense of adventure, but remember to be prepared. After all, do note The Fool does carry her travel bag.


3. Bloom. Your advice to keep growing.

Five of Cups. Don’t dwell on the negative. Yes, there may be loses, but not all is lost. Remember to look and notice what remains. Work on focusing more on the positive, on what you have, on what you can do. What has spilled is gone. Work with what remains. You have plenty, so put it to good use.


Someone on my Twitter feed suggested I draw some cards for the solstice. So yesterday, I did get up early, and I did a spread for solstice before I went to work.

I am using Evvie Marin’s Summer Solstice Tarot Spread. I had seen this spread a while back, jotted it in my Tarot journal a couple of years back. When I went to look for a spread this year, I figured a few Tarot folks would have shared a spread or two online for the observance. I could not find one, but fortunate for me I had saved Marin’s spread, which served me well.


Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Martin

Summer Solstice Tarot spread by Evvie Marin


Card positions and reading. As noted, The Sun-19, is in the center position. I am using the Gaian Tarot for this spread (link to my review of the Gaian Tarot deck). The card affirmations come from the deck’s companion book.

My summer solstice spread before revealing the cards. In the center is the Sun-19 card.

My summer solstice spread before revealing the cards. In the center is the Sun-19 card.


My summer solstice spread, cards revealed.

My summer solstice spread, cards revealed.


  1. Recover and renew: Ten of Water (Ten of Cups). Soak up energy to make it to that last stretch. Ask what needs to come to an end so rebirth can happen. What legacy am I leaving behind for others? What do I leave so others can grow? Leave the old behind and move into the new. Card’s affirmation: “I have given my best and can rest assured that love will continue to flow” (134).
  2. Rest and relax: Six of Fire (Six of Wands). Rest and relax more. I need to remember that even if I do things quietly, those who need to know will know; the rest of them do not really matter. Take the time to express yourself creatively, just for the fun of it. Things are working out, take some time, rest, celebrate. Take small breaks and be grateful for and enjoy the good you have. You’ve worked for it and earned, so live a little. Card’s affirmation: “I passionately celebrate myself and my tribe” (112).
  3. Rumpus and romp: The Tree- 12 (The Hanged Man- XII). In moments of quiet and solitude. This is a good time to take a little time off, go off, and see things from a new perspective. Theme should be go do something different, see something new, explore and reflect. Take some time to turn things for a different look. Clear space so you can center. Card’s affirmation: “I find serenity in surrendering to the Great Mystery” (52).
  4. Release and Re-Block: Five of Air (Five of Swords). I need to know when to let go off things. You may win some, but others it is better to let go to keep the peace. Choose your battles wisely, and as much as possible, avoid alienating others. If anything, if they take rope to hang themselves, let them have it and stand back. Rather than adding to drama, let it go. Many conflicts can be sidestepped, and you can still come out ahead. Card’s affirmation: “I defend my own place in the world without resorting to bitterness or hurtful words” (106).

Overall, a theme of remaining calm, find your center. You know you are on a good and right path, and your tribe, those that matter, know it and celebrate with you. Keep persevering and avoid unnecessary drama or conflicts. Defend what you need to defend, but otherwise, live well and let the rest go.



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