Alchemical Thoughts

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I am Angel R. Rivera, and I am an academic librarian at Berea College, Kentucky. This is my “commonplace book” on the web. Recently, I’ve taken on study of Tarot, oracle cards, and cartomancy, and I may document some parts of my learning journey on this blog. In addition the blog features now and then odds and ends and things “not ready for prime time.”

I am an avid reader and book reviewer. You can find my book and reviews blog at The Itinerant Librarian. I do have a book reviewer policy, which you can read here. My reviews now also include reviews for Tarot, oracle, some esoterica, pagan works and divination books and decks. Pretty much my reviewer policy would apply as well. If you are interested in me reviewing your book and/or a deck, please check out the policy first to see if it is something I would be interested in. You can contact me via comments on any post on the blog or via email at gypsylibrarian AT gmail DOT com.


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July 2020


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