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I decided to do a small Tarot spread for Beltane as we move slowly but surely into summer. Beltane this year fell on May 1st, last Friday. I did the spread over the weekend, and I am posting it now to share.

I used the spread created by The Butterfly Witch:

beltane-spread by butterfly witch small

I used the Vivid Journey Tarot deck. Here is the spread laid out:

Beltane Tarot Spread_050320 small

Read spread left to right. 1. Ten of Wands. 2. The Fool-0. 3. Five of Cups. Deck used Vivid Journey Tarot.

Prompts and cards drawn:

1. Seed. What are you ready to grow and manifest?

Ten of Wands. Burdens. Hard work. You’ve been loading up and loading up, and while hard work is good, overdoing it is not. You are getting ready to let some of the burdens go. You are realizing the current path is not sustainable, so it’s time to drop some things, rebalance others, and start anew. You are ready to release things. The hard work is going to pay off.


2. Flame. The passion that will guide you.

The Fool- 0. A sense of wonder, open mind, and desire to take a chance will guide you. As tasks are completed, you search for something new. A sense of adventure, but remember to be prepared. After all, do note The Fool does carry her travel bag.


3. Bloom. Your advice to keep growing.

Five of Cups. Don’t dwell on the negative. Yes, there may be loses, but not all is lost. Remember to look and notice what remains. Work on focusing more on the positive, on what you have, on what you can do. What has spilled is gone. Work with what remains. You have plenty, so put it to good use.


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