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31 Days of Tarot 2020: Days 21, 22, and 23

Posted on: January 21, 2020

Prompt for Day 21: Your favorite 3-cards Tarot spread and why is it your favorite?

Not sure about a favorite spread, but the ever popular “Past, Present, Future” that almost everyone and their granny uses at one point or another. I vary it a bit as “where you’ve been or coming from, where you stand now, and where you might go (unless something changes.” I use it because it works for me. It’s simple, and it is often helpful.

Prompt for Day 22: Top 5 Tarot decks of 2010-2019.

Prompt for Day 23: Top 5 oracle decks of 2010-2019.

To be honest, the prompts for Days 22 and 23 seemed redundant to me. For me, this would be the same decks that were my top 5 used in 2010-2019, i.e. what I already listed back on Day 4, so you can go back and refer to that.

* * *

You can find the original prompts by Ethony Dawn here.

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