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Prompt for Day 11: Show us your favorite depiction of the High Priestess? And why?

For this prompt, I can’t really pick just one, so I picked a few from some of my favorite decks:

The High Priestess- II Santa Muerte Tarot_20180119 small size

Santa Muerte Tarot. If you force me to pick just one, this may be it. I love the attention to detail in the art. I like the studious nature. She conveys old wisdom from both experience and study. You can sense energy and wisdom here.

The High Priestess -II Vampires Tarot of Eternal Night_011120 small size

Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night. She is not going to reveal her wisdom easily. Are you willing to pay her price? She looks a bit like she could be in a trance. I like her darker elements in this depiction.

The High Priestess- II Steampunk Tarot_011120 small size

Steampunk Tarot (Moore and Fell). To be honest, the very first time I saw this image, I thought it could be The Magician- I. However, I quickly recognized the intuitive elements of the High Priestess- II. After the one from the Santa Muerte Tarot, this is a big favorite. In addition to the steampunk theme, and her overall elegance, I do like her slinging cards and her having a crystal ball.

The High Priestess- II Witches Tarot_20180817 small size

Witches Tarot (Dugan and Evans). This is a very classic depiction. Also good art, elegant as well. Among the many reasons I like this deck is that it is an RWS deck without Pamela Smith’s art (as I have said before, while I appreciate Pamela Smith’s history and role in Tarot, I am not a fan for her art). The High Priestess’ face in this deck looks determined, wise. Ask and you’ll receive wisdom.

The High Priestess- II Gilded Tarot_011120 small size

Gilded Tarot. I love that dancing and floating element. Her intuition is strong. Also like a bit of the steampunk in this card and deck. Given this was the deck I really started with, this card has a special place for me.

The High Priestess- II Everyday Witch Tarot_032519 small size

Everyday Witch Tarot. I like the contemporary element, and I like her deep concentration. A nice positive energy in this card. Plus, I love the cat companion.

* * *

You can find the original prompts by Ethony Dawn here.



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