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Prompt for Day 10: Share some of your Tarot decks that have been long lost in your collection that you want to reconnect with.

My issue is that I have a large collection by now, and I do not rotate decks often enough. I have many decks I need to work with. To be honest, I want to work with all of them, but time and life happen. I do admit that I have some favorite decks that I return to often. Anyhow, rotating decks for me is very much a work in progress. Off the top of my head, these decks are ones I want to reconnect with (or connect with if I have not done so yet. I have not reviewed these decks yet, so linking to Aeclectic for reference):

  • Sherlock Holmes Tarot . Part of why I’ve waited on this one is because I want to reread the Sherlock Holmes stories. Also, I have been rewatching the Granada series episodes featuring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.
  • Necronomicon Tarot. Similar reason to the Sherlock Holmes Tarot. In this case, I want to read H.P. Lovecraft’s stories before working with this deck. I am slowly reading along my copy of H.P. Lovecraft: the Complete Fiction. I also have Donald Tyson’s two books on Necronomicon (that he wrote and form part of a trilogy along with the deck), and I want to read them too.
  • Ludy Lescot Tarot. I had brought this one out to use in Halloween/Samhain season, but looking it over I did not feel ready for it at the time. Hope to get to it soon.
  • Night Sun Tarot.
  • Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine.
  • Druidcraft Tarot.

* * *

You can find the original prompts by Ethony Dawn here.


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Here is the roundup for book reviews I wrote over at The Itinerant Librarian. If you missed any, you are curious, or are looking for reading ideas, feel free to check them out.

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