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Prompt for Day 6: What decks are you anticipating in 2020 (and why)?

To be honest, the only deck I am anticipating in 2020 at this moment is Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot Royale (the mass produced edition. As much as I like his art, given the Bad Economy and modest salary I have to wait until his creations get mass produced; link to Llewellyn). This deck is Marchetti’s upgrade/updating of his Gilded Tarot (link to my review), which has a special place for me given it was the deck that really got me started into learning Tarot. Thus I would like to add the newer one to my collection. I will note that I have two other Marchetti Tarot decks: the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the Tarot of Dreams. In addition, the preview images of the new deck look great to me in terms of art. It is not due for release until April 2020 as of this post.

Other than that, I have not seen any forthcoming decks in 2020 that I feel I need to get. I may see something later, but at this time nothing is grabbing my attention. As I wrote before, overall I am pretty happy with my deck collection at the moment.

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You can find the original prompts by Ethony Dawn here.

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