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I came across this set of prompts for the month of May from an online search. The original prompts were created by Limoniune in 2016, but they are new to me, so I figured I would give them a go. You can see the prompts and instructions below as they were provided. I will be putting in a prompt per day the best I can. I think for the most part I will do a card a day, and I will jot down a small reading and/or thoughts on the card based on the prompt. I will be using the Witches Tarot deck (Dugan and Evans) unless otherwise noted.

May Intuitive Prompts Tarot


Day 1: Soul

Card drawn: Page of Cups.

One of my favorite cards on this deck. I love the girl’s smile on the card, and the overall feeling of innocence, wonder, and eagerness. A reminder to keep your sense of wonder and imagination. It speaks to having a child-like soul full of wonder. It also speaks to an intuitive mind and soul, optimism.

This card, emphasizing intuition and vision, seems a very proper one to start this month.

Page of Cups, from the Witches Tarot. Depicts a young girl in aqua blue dess holding a cup, ocean waves behind her. Inside the cup, a small fish peeks out.


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