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Day 23: What is your most sassy Tarot deck, what is your most gentle Tarot deck? Why did you pick these decks?

Day 24: What Tarot card do you feel is the most misunderstood and why?

Day 25: Do you have any Tarot self-care rituals that are only for your personal practice?

Day 26: What Tarot deck do you wish you could get into or vibe with but just can’t and why?


Day 23. For me, without a doubt, Santa Muerte Tarot (link to Llewellyn) is my most sassy deck. It has a quirky sense of humor. It often makes me laugh. It tells it like it is, and once in a while it makes me go “hmm?”

The gentlest deck I’d say is Gaian Tarot (link to my review). There is a nurturing aspect to it. When I need some gentle calm and comfort this deck is a good choice. Also, nothing “scary” in this one.


Day 24. I see it as a tie between Death- XIII and The Devil- XV. They can be scary cards, and they can lead us to think the worst is happening. But rarely if ever is Death literal, and once you figure that out, you can see the possibilities of rebirth, change and renewal.

For The Devil- XV, sure it represents binds often, but more often than not those binds are self-imposed. Once we see that, we can see that we can choose to remove the binds as well. I think also what few see in The Devil is that he is or can be our sensual and lusty side, the more material. He can remind us that we should indulge in the carnal, the material now and then. As a favorite of mine quote says, “Yield to temptation. It may never come your way again.”


Day 25. This is something I have not really thought about. Nothing in particular at this time.


Day 26. Probably Marseilles and/or “pip only” decks in general. I just do not see substance there to make it workable at this time. In the end, to keep it polite, I quote the Rivera Tarot Corollary to Ranganathan:

“Every deck its owner/user/collector, and every owner/user/collector their deck.”




You can find Ethony Dawn’s prompts, including a video explaining the prompts, over on her blog. The social media hashtag for this one is #31DaysOfTarot19.

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