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31 Days of Tarot 2019: Day 9

Posted on: January 25, 2019

Prompt: Tarot goals 2019


I went back and looked at my Tarot goals for 2018 when I did this prompt. One goal I accomplished was, as much as possible and time allowing, was sharing my morning/daily card draws on Twitter. I do this on work days (Monday through Friday). I usually post the card and my interpretation online in the evening; it’s worked out well, and I hope to continue in 2019. I wanted to also share my daily card on Tumblr, but after their 2018 debacle, that is not an option for me. As a minor related goal, I will be exploring other social media options.

My big goal last year was to keep on learning and studying more. I am continuing that in 2019. Reading is a big part of this. As before, I’ve gotten new books on divination, Tarot, and esoterica I want to read.

My Tarot journaling works well for me. In my journal, I jot down spreads I find in different places to try out later. They get mixed in with all my other notes. So for 2019, creating a notebook of spreads and card “tool” is a goal, so I can have that information in a handy place.

Of course, hope to continue trying out new, or new to me, card spreads. Also do more deck reviews, which can also give me a chance to do deck interview spreads.

Adding to my daily card practice, I have one more idea to try out. I try to use oracle decks, but I often forget or lack time. So I will try to do at least a weekly oracle draw for myself. We’ll see if we can make it a new habit in 2019.

* * * *

You can find Ethony Dawn’s prompts, including a video explaining the prompts, over on her blog. The social media hashtag for this one is #31DaysOfTarot19.

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