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31 Days of Tarot 2019: Days 5, 6, 7, and 8

Posted on: January 16, 2019

Day 5: The card that stalked you in 2019.

I did not feel I had a major stalker card in 2019, though it seemed some of the pages seem to appear a bit at the end of the year. So I took a look back at my Tarot journals to see what cards came out more often every week. My top stalkers were:

  • The Magician- I.
  • The Queen of Pentacles.
  • Tied for third place: The Hierophant- V, The Moon- XVIII, The Wheel of Fortune, and the King of Swords.


Day 6: The deck you finally crossed off your list in 2018.

I was fortunate enough to have crossed off a few Tarot and oracle decks off my wish list in 2018. The top one I’d say was the Tarot Apokalypsis. This was not a deck I expected to get anytime soon, and when I found a good deal on it, I went ahead and got it. Others I managed to cross out of the wish list for 2018:


Day 7: Most worked deck in 2018 and why.

Turns out the Santa Muerte Tarot was the deck I worked with most in 2018. I used it from January to part of April, then during May. I used it again in December and part of January 2019 to complete the 2018 Tarot Review series. At the beginning of the year, I was using it in part because I wanted to write a review of it. The review is not written yet. However, it is a deck I enjoy using overall because for me it has a certain quirky sense of humor. It often makes me laugh. By now, it is a deck I am pretty comfortable using.

Other decks I worked with in 2018:

  • Gaian Tarot. This is another favorite of mine, and I find it is a good one to use during summer months. Used it during June and part of July.
  • Witches Tarot: This is another deck that I am really enjoying and feeling comfortable using. I used it for the rest of July and into September. I used it again in December for my daily card draws.
  • Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night. This has been so far my deck for the Halloween season and to transition into fall season. I used it from the end of September into the first week of December. It seems it has gone out of print recently, so I will be doing my best to keep it in good condition. Next Halloween I may bring out a different deck. I’ll decide when I get to October.
  • Steampunk Tarot. Used it for one week in November. I thought I was going to keep using it during winter but I went back to the Witches Tarot.


Day 8: Top 5 decks on your wish list right now.

I have quite a few decks on my wish list at the moment. However, I am pretty happy with my collection right now, so I do not feel any urgent need to add more decks. I may add one here or there if a good deal and/or opportunity appears, but otherwise there is no rush. The one thing I do want to do is get some second copies of favorite decks so I can have a backup, but again, that is something I can do gradually. Having said that, if you press me, at this moment these would be the top decks on the wish list:

  • Tarot Illuminati. This is mainly to go with the Tarot Apokalypsis I recently acquired.
  • Tarot of the Cat People. If possible, I want to get the kit with the book.
  • Erotic Tarot of Manara.
  • Whispers of Lord Ganesha oracle deck.
  • Gods and Titans and Goddesses and Sirens oracle decks. I am counting these two as one because I would like to get them together. Amazon often has them, but they are made by some U.S. publisher (they must have gotten U.S. rights or something) and reviews all claim quality is inferior. Other option may be trying to get them directly from Blue Angel, but that is in Australia and shipping it here may be prohibitive. So this is likely to stay on the wish list for a good long while. I do really want these as they spark my interest in classic mythology, something I also grew up with.



You can find Ethony Dawn’s prompts, including a video explaining the prompts, over on her blog. The social media hashtag for this one is #31DaysOfTarot19.

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