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Today we have some short list prompts, so I am doing them together.

Day 2: Top 5 Tarot decks of 2018 (ones you purchased or released in 2018):

I was fortunate to be able to get a few new Tarot decks for my use and collection in 2019, so narrowing the list to the top 5 was not easy. I have not gotten around to reviewing them yet, but I hope to do so in 2019. The decks listed are pretty much new to me. My top 5 Tarot decks for 2018 then (in no particular order. Links to Aeclectic unless noted otherwise):

  • Black Cats Tarot: This was on my wish list, and I always wanted at least one cat-themed Tarot deck. It has a nice playfulness that I like. The Better Half saw it and liked it too, so I’ll probably buy her a copy of her own soon.
  • Tarot Apokalypsis: This and the Tarot Illuminati have been in my wish list for a while, but they were relatively low priority. However, the local esoteric bookstore I visit once in a while in the big city was having a serious sale on some older decks, and Tarot Apokalypsis, the full hardcover book and deck kit, was on sale for about $17 or so (it retails for about $38), so it was a deal I could not pass up. I grabbed it the moment I saw it.
  • Thelema Tarot, and the Arcanum Tarot (link to Amazon), by Renata Lechner. The Thelema was part of that same sale I mentioned above, and I got the Arcanum Tarot a bit later in the year. They are by the same author, so I am counting them as one. Lechner has her version of a Thoth deck, the Millennium Thoth Tarot (link to Llewellyn), which I am hoping to acquire down the road. As of this post, that one is on pre-order.
  • The Necronomicon Tarot: Another one that was on my wish list for a good while. Amazingly, Half Price Books had a used copy of the set, book and deck, in good condition and at a good price, so I finally got this. I am looking forward to re-reading H.P. Lovecraft’s tales as well as Donald Tyson’s books related to the deck as I get to work with the deck.
  • Ludy Lescot Tarot: I bought this, which was also on my wish list, when Llewellyn had their annual decks’ sale. Great art on this one.

Day 3: Top 5 Oracle decks of 2018 (ones you purchased or released in 2018):

This was also a good year for oracle decks for me. My top 5 for 2018 are (again, no particular order):

  • Santa Muerte Oracle (link to Llewellyn): This was new for 2018. I pre-ordered this one. I already have the Santa Muerte Tarot, so I knew I had to add this companion oracle deck to my collection. It has the same style as the Tarot deck but there are also some key differences that will make it interesting to work with this deck.
  • Divine Circus Oracle: Another on my wish list I managed to get in 2018.
  • Mystical Shaman Oracle: A recent deck by Collette Baron-Reid in collaboration with Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos. Usually retails for about $40, but Amazon during the holidays had it on sale for a bit under $20, so I grabbed it while the grabbing was good. The book and deck kit comes in a very good box, and presentation overall is excellent. Art on the cards is very good too. This is one I know I will have to put in some good time to work with it.
  • Fairy Lenormand Oracle: Learning Lenormand was not high on my priority list. I knew I wanted to learn it some day but not soon. Then I saw this deck, which is by Davide Corsi, author of the Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night (link to my review of that Tarot deck), in collaboration with Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, and I said to myself now is the time. I even subscribed to a small free set of e-mail lessons on Lenormand and got myself a good book on the topic to start learning.
  • Gilded Reverie Lenormand (link to Amazon): This is Ciro Marchetti’s Lenormand deck. I’ve enjoyed some of his other decks, so I felt it was a natural thing to get his Lenormand deck. I already had one, why not one more? If you like Ciro’s art style and Lenormand interests you, this may be for you too. I have the more recent expanded edition, which has 8 more cards in addition to the traditional 36; you can use or remove them from use as you wish.


Day 4: Top 5 Tarot books of 2018 (ones you purchased and/or were released in 2018).

I did not read too many Tarot and/or esoterica/occult books in 2018, so five is a good number as it is about the amount of books in this category I read. Links go to my reviews (unless noted otherwise):



You can find Ethony Dawn’s prompts, including a video explaining the prompts, over on her blog. The social media hashtag for this one is #31DaysOfTarot19.

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