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2018 Tarot Review: Day Thirty-One- New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on: January 13, 2019

Challenge: Think about if you want to make any resolutions or set any goals for the year ahead. Pull one card for what your greatest strength/what to do more of with regards to achieving your goal might be and another card for your greatest weakness/what to do less of.


Two Tarot cards:

Seven of Pentacles and Santa Muerte- XIII (Death) from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck

Bravo! Made it to the end of the prompts. The list did skip from Day 26 to Day 31, so here we are. If you made it this far with me, thank you for visiting and reading.

I usually do not set resolutions. However, I recently read John Scalzi’s blog, his post “Wasting my own time,” where he wants to look at how he uses his time, wanting to waste it less and use it more for productive things and things that make him happy. “Is this the best use of my time?” is the question. I think I can consider that question as I move ahead, plus may help me with keeping the mental sanity as I have mentioned previously in this blog.


On greatest strength/do more of this: Seven of Pentacles. Ability to plan, lay the groundwork, then let things grow. Use common sense. Plan, look at what needs to be done, then get to it. Take time now to choose what to focus on, then do it after careful consideration. Clear thinking and calm patience.

On greatest weakness/ do less of this: Santa Muerte- XIII (Death). Avoid getting too dramatic or extreme. Do not rush to just kill or cut something off. But also do accept when you do need to let something die and be out of your life. Do not hold onto things you should let go sooner. Let go what you cannot control or do anything about.


As noted previously, you can find all the prompts here; Lisa Frideborg Eddy, the author, has put them in a PDF book that you can download for free. For this series, I am using the Santa Muerte Tarot deck.

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