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2018 Tarot Review: Day Twenty-Four- Christmas Present

Posted on: January 12, 2019

Challenge: How do you really feel about the holiday celebrations? Pull one card for the pros about celebrating Christmas this year and one for the cons.


Two cards: Ten of Wands and Five of Cups from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck

Ten of Wands and Five of Cups from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck

I suppose that as I get older I want to simplify things. Also, by now, I have no tolerance for people who cause stress and drama, so they get cut out. Holidays for me are a time of rest, not stress, and if that means I do not see certain people, some family, or otherwise, I am good with that. I want as much peace as possible in my Christmas holidays.

On pros about Christmas present: Ten of Wands. Part of me felt this should have been for the cons being this is often a card of burdens. But in the Santa Muerte Tarot we get a moth, a symbol of transformation. So it is more liberation, letting go of those burdens, releasing them during the holiday season. Follow your bliss embrace your passions, and release those loads and baggage.

On cons about Christmas present: Five of Cups. Holidays can make one dwell on the past a bit much. We see what we missed, lost, so on during the year, and we might not notice there is still some good left we can hold on to. For me, it recalls an old Spanish song:

“Navidad que vuelve
Tradición del año
Unos van alegres
Y otros van llorando.

Hay quien tiene todo
Todo lo que quiere
Y sus navidades
Siempre son alegres
Hay otros muy pobres
Que no tienen nada
Son los que prefieren
Que nunca llegara”


I become more aware that the holidays are not good or happy for everyone. Yet close to home, there is still much to be grateful for, if I remember to see it.

As noted previously, you can find all the prompts here; Lisa Frideborg Eddy, the author, has put them in a PDF book that you can download for free. For this series, I am using the Santa Muerte Tarot deck.

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