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2018 Tarot Review: Day Twenty-Five- Christmas Future

Posted on: January 12, 2019

Challenge: What do you want Christmas 2019 to be like? Can you picture yourself a year from now. Think about one thing you will want to have achieved by then and pull a card for the outcome. The next card is for a message from the Ghost of Christmas Future about what things might be like in general around Christmas time next year.

Two Tarot cards: The Chariot-VII and Four of Cups from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck

The Chariot-VII and Four of Cups from the Santa Muerte Tarot deck


Not sure I can picture myself a year from now. If I can make it to one more year relatively safe and stable, I’ll be good. I do not think that is asking much.

On how it’s likely to turn out: The Chariot- VII. How about that? The Chariot-VII once more in this series. Movement is clearly indicated. One way or another, you’ll make it to the end of another year. The question remains as to how you’ll steer. Taking strong control you should be able to stay on a good path. Keep to the road, but make some time to stop along the way to see the sights. Remember that much of the fun of a road trip is in those small stops and attractions along the way.

On message from Ghost of Christmas Future: Four of Cups. A note of regret perhaps. Do not let opportunities pass you by. The future is not fixed so make the most of the present. Don’t get complacent either. Look up, you may find better options and/or perspectives. Do not overthink.

Fours are about stability, but do not let it become excess routine and stagnation. Keep moving and looking up and ahead, seek out the new, hold on to the good and what serves you.

As noted previously, you can find all the prompts here; Lisa Frideborg Eddy, the author, has put them in a PDF book that you can download for free. For this series, I am using the Santa Muerte Tarot deck.

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