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31 Days of Tarot Challenge 2018: Day 21

Posted on: January 21, 2018

Today’s prompt: Share some of your favorite deck storage!

I do not have any fancy ways of storing my decks. When I can, I leave them in the boxes they came in. If the deck has a good sturdy

Deck boxes for Santa Muerte Tarot and Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

These are two decks that came in nice boxes. I wish more decks came like this in small sturdy boxed that are durable and you can carry around. On a side note, I recently got the Wild Unknown Tarot. That package came in a nice big box with the deck in its own sturdy box you can carry. That is good packaging right there.

box, I keep it in there. Why mess with a good thing I say. For a few decks that either did not have a box when I got them or came in flimsy boxes that will get tossed out for not being durable, I try to put the decks in some kind of bag of pouch. I have no ability to knit or sew, so I get bags and pouches where I can, and since I live on a librarian salary, I try to spend little on acquiring them. For instance, I go to places like Target (their dollar spot) or Michael’s and buy small bags and pouches for gifts that may hold a deck when they go on sale.

As for shelving, I do have a dedicated shelf for them in my closet in my home office/workstation, but that is starting to get to overflow a bit, mainly because many decks come in those big unwieldy boxes. The nicer boxes will stay, but the cheap thin cardboard ones will likely go as soon as I find a bag for the deck, and I then cut the box up for art to put in my Tarot journal.

Overall, deck storage is definitely an ongoing work in progress, and I am only getting started. Stay tuned.

Sample card deck bags

Some of the deck bags I use to store card decks. The one shaped like a fish came from Target’s Dollar Spot. I had bought it to store my Oceanic Tarot, but now it has my Unicorn Tarot, which I acquired used and did not come with a box or bag. The other three bags came from Michael’s after Christmas sale. I bought a bunch of these, so I have more waiting to be used. The decks inside are my Steampunk (Moore and Fell), the New Century Tarot (another one that I got used. It came with a book, but no bag or pouch), and my basic Marseilles. Overall, I am on a tight budget, so cheap is how I often go. If it works, it works.


You can find Ethony’s original prompts here.

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