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These prompts are basically short answers for me, so I am combining days into a single post.

Day 14 prompt: Share your favorite divination tool aside from Tarot.

Day 15 prompt: Do you have a deck for personal use only? Why?/Why not?

Day 16 prompt: Do you read reversal? Why? Why not?


On divination tools, I use oracle cards in addition to Tarot cards, so those would be my favorite divination tool aside from Tarot. Other than that, not really. I have not looked into divination very much aside from cards, so at this moment, I do not have anything else.

Decks for personal use. I’d say most of my decks at the moment are for personal use only since I do not read publicly nor professionally. I have done some single card readings for acquaintances in an informal way. For that, I used decks I felt were accessible. I have used for that the Gaian Tarot (Colbert), the Gilded Tarot (Marchetti), and the Steampunk Tarot (Moore and Fell) plus The Halloween Oracle (De Marco).  I also wanted decks I felt people could relate to or respond more positively to. The Steampunk Tarot was often a popular choice when I had the decks out and let people choose which deck to draw from. I may some day expand to do small spreads for friends and acquaintances, but I am not quite there yet. Who knows? Maybe some day I will do small free readings online for feedback to get the practice.

Another thing about having personal decks comes with my daily card draws. In recent times, I have been sharing my daily draws on Twitter. I usually draw a daily card and then I look for the underneath (under the deck) card, so my daily draw is composed of those two cards. On Fridays, I tend to do a bonus oracle card draw where I draw an extra card as a bonus. I do not share my bonus oracle card publicly. I consider that to be something I do just for me. Down the road, I could always do a general oracle card draw for the public, but the one I do as bonus for me is to remain mine and private.

As for reversals, I do not read reversals. I think I mentioned this before: learning Tarot and oracle cards is already complicated enough for me without adding the element of reversals to it. Besides, I have found that depending on day and context, a more “reversed” meaning of a card can be applicable. So basically, I do not feel a need to formally read reversals. If such a meaning is relevant, it will likely reveal itself. Keep in mind that is what works for me at the moment.


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