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Today’s prompt: What was your best/worst/memorable Tarot moment of 2018? For example, was there a message you were shocked to get or give or theme you kept getting? A deck that surprised you or a reading that stuck with you?


I am going to start by guessing that the prompt meant 2017, since we are not far into 2018, thus can I really have a memorable moment for the year yet?

In terms of decks, I will have to say I was very pleased with the Santa Muerte Tarot (link to Llewellyn). Moment it arrived in 2017, I have felt very drawn to it, and as of this post, it is my current daily use deck. As I have mentioned before, it has a quirky sense of humor that I have grown to like and enjoy.

The Hermit from the Santa Muerte Tarot

That day the Internet went down in the library? Yea, I felt pretty much like this guy in his coffin, ha ha!

In terms of memorable moments, I need to look back in my Tarot journals. Here is one: at one point in late November 2017, I drew The Hermit- IX as the daily card, and it found a way to manifest at work later in the day: the Internet and campus network went down all afternoon, so I was pretty much isolated in my office. Go figure. It was an annoyance at the time (an academic library, not to mention a college campus in our times, pretty much needs a working Internet to run), but in retrospect, this was some forced time to just be quiet for a bit and slow things down. I would not necessarily call this the most memorable moment, but this one exemplifies the small moments I get at times when a reading seems to manifest or comes to mind in my daily life.

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