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31 Days of Tarot Challenge 2018: Day 11

Posted on: January 11, 2018

Today’s prompt: Oracle decks you want to work with more in 2018.

Much like yesterday’s prompt with Tarot decks, I do not plan this ahead much. I usually bring out a deck when the mood strikes me or for some special time. At this point in my learning, I use oracle cards to supplement my Tarot readings. One thing I have done consistently is do a bonus oracle card draw on Fridays to go along with the daily Tarot card draw. As with Tarot, I can’t really have two or more decks of one type in rotation at the same time; I just really have to focus on whatever deck I am using at the time.

So as I did with my Tarot decks yesterday, I am going to take a guess of oracle decks I may want to work with in 2018:

  • Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards (Baron-Reid). As of this post, this is the deck I am using. I hope to keep using them for a while longer. At the moment, it makes a nice choice for winter.
  • The Enchanted Map oracle cards (Baron-Reid). This was the oracle deck I used most in 2017, and I know at some point I will go back to it as I got to know it well, and I am comfortable with it. I think I mentioned this before: for me, they work really well with decks like the Gilded Tarot (Marchetti) and the Steampunk Tarot (Moore and Fell).
  • Oracle of Visions (Marchetti). I just got this one, and I am excited about it, so I am hoping to work with it in 2018.

I have other oracle decks, so this very partial and tentative list could change, but these three were the ones that came to mind right away when I was writing out the prompt.

As always, you can find all the daily prompts here.

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[…] oracle, of the three I listed in 2018, Wisdom of the Oracle (Link to Aeclectic) deck was the one used the most. This is one I will likely […]

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