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Today’s prompt: Tarot decks you want to work with more in 2018.

I am not sure about this because I rarely plan that far ahead. I usually just pull or bring into use a deck when I feel the mood for it, or it may be special time, like bringing out one of the vampire decks for Halloween, that kind of thing. Also, unlike many Tarotistas out there, I am not really good about using more than one deck type at the same time. I can have a Tarot deck and an oracle deck in current rotation, but two Tarots or more, I am not quite ready for. I tend to feel I need to focus on the deck I have in front of me. As a result, I may add new decks to my collection, but it may take me a while to get to using them. As I learn more and gain more confidence, I may start using more than one type at a time.

So in the meantime I am going to take a guess of some possibilities with a little commentary.

  • The Santa Muerte Tarot (Listrani; link to Llewellyn). As of this post, this is the deck I am using for my daily draws, and if I decide to do some small spread, I will likely use this one as well. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy the quirky humor this deck shows me at times. I will note that I am not Mexican, but I am Latino, so I also appreciate the Latino flavor of this deck. Right now, this is the one I am using, and that will likely be the case for a while.
  • The Legacy of the Divine Tarot (Marchetti; link to Aeclectic). I have worked with and enjoyed his Gilded Tarot, so I would like to try this one soon. This one came with a companion book, so I will be reading the book before I get to work with it.
  • The Gaian Tarot (Powell Colbert; link to my review at The Itinerant Librarian). I have used this one, and I would like to go back to it sometime this year. It may be one for spring or summer. Not sure at this point.

There are some others I would like to get to, but I am not sure when I will. For instance, I have The Sherlock Holmes Tarot (link to Aeclectic), but in addition to reading the companion book, I want to re-read the Conan Doyle original tales, so getting to that deck may take me a while. Usually, if a deck has a companion book, I tend to like reading that book first before really jumping into the deck (it’s the reader and librarian in me). If I ever get the Necronomicon Tarot, I am going to want to re-read my H.P. Lovecraft tales. Overall, I am confident I will get to work with all the decks in my collection, just not sure when. Like good books, I know the decks will wait. For me then, there will always be a new horizon to discover, or rediscover if I revisit a deck I have used already. The learning always continues, and that is something I find appealing and good about my Tarot and oracle learning journey.

Paz y amor.

As always, you can find the original daily prompts here.

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