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In the spirit of improving and reflecting a bit on my Tarot and oracle card study journey, I am going to do the “31 Days of Tarot” challenge by Ethony Dawn (the link leads to her post. She also provided a link if you want to download the chart with the prompts ). Most of her followers and fans do this as YouTube videos. However, I do not have a YouTube channel (yet) so I will be doing it here on my commonplace blog, which I am hoping to also make into my Tarot and divination blog too, so this is a good way to start. I will link these posts then on my Tumblr blog and on Twitter so folks who are interested can find them. Where I can I will include photographs. As always, comments are welcome.

Today’s prompt is: “2018- Reading- Energy- Major Lesson.”

To complete this prompt, I am doing a reading for the new year of 2018. I will be using the “New Year Tarot Spread” created by Steph of Tarot for the Soul. I am using The Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo. This is a deck I added to my collection in 2017, and it is one that I have found has a bit of a quirky sense of humor at times. Given 2017 was terrible, and let’s be honest, a big bad joke, I can use a bit of humor. I even got a new cloth to lay the cards in; it’s simple, but it is something I have been wanting to get for a while, and I finally have it.

This reading is a personal reading for me. However, if it resonates with you somehow, do feel free to comment and let me know. For some cards, I am including the “Advice of the Dead” from the companion booklet when it feels relevant and applicable.


New Year Tarot Spread 2018 covered

This is the “New Year Tarot Spread” I did for 2018 before I uncover it.

New Year Tarot Spread for 2018 revealed

This is the “New Year Tarot Spread” for 2018 I did, now revealed.


The card positions prompts are:

  1. My theme for the new year.
  2. What to work on in the new year.
  3. What loose ends do I still need to tie up?
  4. How can I mentally and spiritually prepare for the new year?
  5. What do I fear going into the year?
  6. What to leave behind in this year.
  7. What to take with me into the new year.
  8. How can I make the most of the new year?

The cards turned as follows:

1. Santa Muerte (Death- XIII): The deck is not pulling punches. It got right to the point. The theme is definitely about leaving the past behind and dead for good. Whatever baggage and pain, leave it behind burnt and buried. This is a year of rebirth, starting fresh and anew. As Santa Muerte is expecting new life, so should you. Seek new ways of thinking, new opportunities, new ideas. Put the past behind so you can be born anew. The New Year is at hand. Be ready to transform and emerge new and fresh. It does not get any clearer than this.

2. Ace of Swords. Work on your words and your thinking. Like a sword, words can have a double edge, so be careful how you use them in the new year and going forward. 2018 brings opportunities to open the mind to new thoughts and ideas. Keep learning as much as you can. Be honest in your speech but also cut through the bullshit as needed, and as I mentioned, be careful in speech. Work on that intellect if you can: a class, a workshop, reading more. Take in as many learning options as you can. 2018 brings open mind and clarity, so work on the mind, intellect, thought, and speech.

3. Seven of Swords. The second swords card I draw for today. I need to focus on changing ways of thinking. One aspect of this may be negativity. Work on as much as possible on dwelling less on the negative. It will not be easy, but I laid a small seed in 2017 for that. Nurture it and help it grow in 2018 and going forward.

The deck’s booklet offers this to add:

We are still in a crisis moment but having reflected and reasoned, we have managed to open the barrier that kept us isolated and to see a new hope born” (46).

As I said, you’ve laid the seed. Nurture it. You are not out of the woods yet, but start with small steps and go from there. You know what you need to do. Keep working on it to make a better, more positive outlook for yourself.

The Advice of the Dead for Seven of Swords is on point, so heed it:

Look around you and realize that nothing can block your road anymore. Therefore persevere and concentrate all your energies without sparing yourself” (46).

4. Two of Swords. My third sword card in this spread. Again, intellect and thought. You will have choices, and you may not see the full picture just yet. So take the time then to reflect, think, reason to find the best options. Your eyes may have been closed; it is time to remove the blindfolds and open them. Use this down time to think, meditate, cut through any mental fogs. Aim for balance.

Advice of the Dead for the Two of Swords:

You can put your trust in others only afterwards, therefore for now work to clear things and to reach a point of meeting between the two conflicted questions” (44).

Another way to see it: work on your yourself first before you go work with others. Remember also this card is linked to Justice- XI, so aim for balance, stability, and fairness, evaluate carefully the best you can.

5. The Sun- XIX. Now this seemed interesting to me. Initially, I was not sure what to make of this card in this position. Get too close to the sun, and you burn. Getting burned, perhaps by others, is a fear for me. For this, the best advice is to be cautious, be accountable to yourself, and keep your counsel.

On a different spin, this 2018 may be a year to shine, and I have never really been a fan of the spotlight. If it comes, be graceful and humble but avoid it if you can. Simply do your work in a steady and humble way. If success comes, embrace the shine, but do not let it burn you. Humility and grace are keys

6. Queen of Swords. The fourth swords card for this spread. This reading is clearly heavy on swords, giving messages of thinking. The Queen of Swords is here to tell me to leave the negative and poor thinking behind. It is a new year; leave its negativity behind and though 2018, in the grand scheme of things may still (well, pretty likely) be bad, it does not mean you have to go along with it. The Queen of Swords is here to nurture and offer advice. As the other cards express: clear the mind, clean away the negative, and be open to new ways of thinking and learning. She reminds you to leave the bad behind; you can only take your experiences and you need to learn from those experiences. That is her message.

Advice of the Dead for the Queen of Swords:

Your experience will enable you to deal with and better manage whatever happens, directing it towards positive and constructive outcomes” (49).

7. Five of Pentacles. We take with us what little we may have. Some of the struggles of 2017 will come along, but it is to keep working on them, to find new solutions. Things may be tight, but it is nothing you can’t handle. You take your feet and your path with you. It may not be easy, but it will pass and be managed. Take your feet into the new year and walk towards better things.

Advice of the Dead for Five of Pentacles:

With calm and through concrete and objective evaluation, you can go ahead, overcoming any crisis that you meet along the way” (32).

8. The Lovers- VI. We complete the spread with a great positive note. As the old song goes, “love will keep us together.” Remember to cherish and live in the love of lover (the Better Half for me) and family. Also, choose love, especially in the form of charity, where you can. This will keep hope alive and certainly help in nurturing that new positive outlook and better thinking in 2018. Embrace love all you can, and the rest will follow. Love yourself, care for yourself, so you can then love and care for others. As you do so, your thinking and outlook can improve as well. Also seek your bliss and to love what you do.

Advice of the Dead for The Lovers- VI:

Having chosen the direction, proceed without hesitation towards that road. It will probably be the harder road but it will reveal itself without doubt to be the best way to gain what you love” (13).


Bottom line: The road will be hard; it will take work, but with love and reason, and an open mind, new better things will come. It is time to be reborn and walk new paths. So let it be.

Paz y amor.


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