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Weekly summary of Tarot daily cards for week of April 25, 2016

Posted on: May 4, 2016

It feels like I fell off the Earth a bit in doing these as the last month has been a bit chaotic. This week covers the last week of April 2016, and for me I started doing daily draws again after missing a week due to illness. This was also the week I decided to start doing my daily Tarot card draws with a different Tarot deck. These days now I am using Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot deck. I felt that I needed something more visual to help my intuition along a bit. The Marseilles deck’s unillustrated Minor Arcana just meant that I had to look up the meaning every single time because I got nothing from plain pips. With the Gilded Tarot, the illustrations give me a starting point to jog my memory on what I have learned so far about Tarot cards. Sure, I still have to look things up, but I do so after jotting down my initial impressions, some of which I find are getting closer to traditional meanings. I am learning slowly but surely.

I am also finding the Gilded Tarot to be pleasing visually. I am using the deck that came with the Easy Tarot kit (linked above), and I am reading through Josephine Ellershaw’s book that came with the kit too. The book is OK so far; it has some good advice though she can get a bit too prescriptive at times. I will write a full review of the book and cards when I finish reading the book.

On to the weekly summary. For the week of April 25, 2016, I drew the following cards:

  • Monday, April 25: Knight of Pentacles.
  • Tuesday, April 26: Two of Cups.
  • Wednesday, April 27: The Hermit
  • Thursday, April 28: The Fool.
  • Friday, April 29: Two of Swords.

Monday’s card jumped out as I was shuffling the deck. I’d say it was an enthusiastic way to start using a new deck on a new week. For me, this card of security was a good way to start the week. I also got good news that morning that I was accepted into a teaching institute I had applied to.

Tuesday was the Two of Cups. So far, when I have some meeting, the Two of Cups has appeared indicating some reminder about collaboration with others. I did meet with some campus officials and a scholarship program representative that morning. Despite the presence of certain faculty member who is not exactly easy to get along, the meeting overall was a positive one and reflected the generosity of the cups.

Wednesday I drew The Hermit. The Hermit is a card I identify with personally, and when I start doing spreads,  if I use a significator for myself, it may be a card I would use. I took it this week as encouragement to do some introspection and reflection. Given all the turmoil of previous weeks, the seemed like a good idea.

Thursday I drew The Fool. It did catch my eye that I drew two Major Arcana cards one day after the other. This time I saw the card as a reminder to lighten up a bit, not take things so seriously to have a little faith as things move forward. I got a good feeling from it.

And finally for Friday, I wrapped up the week with the Two of Swords. This is a card of choices and balance. After the recent storms in my life, things are starting to balance out once more. For me, this card was a reminder to be mindful as I make choices moving ahead, but to also be at peace.



Gilded Tarot- Knight of Pentacles

Gilded Tarot- Knight of Pentacles

Gilded Tarot- Two of Cups

Gilded Tarot- Two of Cups

Gilded Tarot- The Hermit

Gilded Tarot- The Hermit

Gilded Tarot- The Fool

Gilded Tarot- The Fool



Gilded Tarot- Two of Swords

Gilded Tarot- Two of Swords


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