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Weekly summary of Tarot daily cards for week of March 21, 2016

Posted on: March 29, 2016

This was Holy Week for Christians, and the work week ended on a sad note for us with the passing in her sleep of our cat Autumn in the morning hours of Thursday.

Autumn (ca. 2005- Good Thursday, March 24, 2016). She lived a good eleven years with us, adopted as a tortie kitten from a pet shelter in Houston along with the kitten who would be her sister, (the mighty) Isis, who survives her. Autumn was a strong-willed cat that filled our lives with love, happiness, and wonder. And she was playful and affectionate all the way to the last night before we all went to sleep for the night. She adopted me as her human and taught me to love cats. She will be missed, but I as we celebrate her life want to express my gratitude for all the happiness and love he brought to our lives. I hope your spirit is somewhere nice playing with other cats and friends.

“All things pass. None of us can manage to hold on to anything. In that way we live our lives.” — Haruki Murakami.

This was also a short work week with a three-day weekend as the college, including the library, closed down for Good Friday, a small perk for a heathen who works at a Christian college.


Cards drawn:

  • Monday, March 21: Queen of Pentacles
  • Tuesday, March 22: The Empress
  • Wednesday, March 23: Three of Cups
  • Thursday, March 24: Nine of Cups
  • Friday, March 25: Page of Cups

I need to note that I did a redraw on Friday. Initially, I drew The Empress again. I was not sure if should have kept it or not. In retrospect, the nurturing Empress seemed needed given our mourning. However, at the time, drawing a card twice in one week did not seem right, so I drew a different card, which turned out to be the Page of Cups. I have read in a place or two that one should not do redraws in reading Tarot cards. I am not sure how I feel about that though I get that the idea is to learn to confront and study the card even if the card is not an easy one. And if I was doing spreads, I would not be likely to do redraws, but for a daily drawing two in a week of the same seemed odd. Anyhow, I will reflect on this and if it happens again, we’ll see. Any Tarot readers out there who read this and want to weigh in, feel free to send some insights my way.

The latter part of the week was dominated by cups. There was a lot of emotion, and tears, at the end of the week. Despite our loss, the week was otherwise fairly calm. The concerns for Monday did get settled, for now at least, and the week moved on. With the Queen of Pentacles, I started the week looking at material concerns. I felt it was a reminder to be mindful of money. We are not dirt poor but we are not in great shape neither. We are making a living and both working hard. As the card also indicates some desire to acquire nice things, I figured a small treat would be nice, which the Better Half and I did on Friday on our short Kentucky wineries trip (I may write a post on that small trip later).

Tuesday continued the female energy with The Empress. She brings some structure but also growth and nurturing. It was a good time to get things done, and I did have a productive day and week at work. In fact, I did a lot on Tuesday, so much I jotted down in my personal journal on Wednesday morning that the previous day felt more like a Two of Pentacles day as I juggled a lot of things to make it all work. In the end, it was all good, and the Better Half even had some of her nice chili for our dinner when I got home.

The rest of the week, as I noted, was very watery with the predominance of the suit of cups. Wednesday’s Three of Cups conveying a sense of community was appropriate given my early morning meeting that day. The card turns out to be linked to The Empress, so it was further continuing the abundance and nurturing. Thursday was the Nine of Cups, which I jotted down as a cycle ending as the number 9 is the last single digit of the suit. Initially, I thought it was just the end of the work week. We later found it was also the end of our time with Autumn. But the Nine of Cups also indicates satisfaction and pleasure. It was a sad day, but work and life had to go on. It did seem like a Death card kind of day, not just for Autumn’s passing, but also changes at work as we got some new computers for the reference area for public use, though the IT guys neglected to tell us how to log them in so the public could use them. Changes came, and onward we went.

As noted above, I ended the week with the Page of Cups, the end to what turned out to be an emotional week. I did get some quality time with the Better Half as we went out of the house to visit a couple of wineries nearby; it was a spur of the moment thing as she also by sheer luck had the day off. We got some wine tasting done, and we brought some new bottles home. As a final note, the Page of Cups can indicate interest in intuitive endeavors, and for me, at this moment, it would be my study of the Tarot.

Paz y amor.

Queen of Pentacles (Marseilles)

Queen of Pentacles (Marseilles)

The Empress (Marseilles)

The Empress (Marseilles)

Three of Cups (Marseilles)

Three of Cups (Marseilles)

Nine of Cups (Marseilles Tarot)

Nine of Cups (Marseilles Tarot)

Page of Cups (Marseilles)

Page of Cups (Marseilles)









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