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Weekly summary of Tarot daily cards for week of March 14, 2016

Posted on: March 25, 2016

I did not quite make it to posting this last Saturday. It was a bit of a rough week this week, so I was not able to post this as soon as I wished. I will keep working on getting it to post on Saturday or Sunday. I continue to use my trusty Marseilles Tarot deck as I work further on learning the meanings and how to read the cards.

Cards drawn:

  • Monday, March 14: Seven of Wands.
  • Tuesday, March 15: Two of Pentacles.
  • Wednesday, March 16: Ace of Wands.
  • Thursday, March 17: Queen of Wands.
  • Friday, March 18: The Sun

As I look over the week, I see the week was dominated by the fiery wands. The Sun at the end just seems to cap that fiery nature. The middle of the week was a bit hectic in terms of what now seem minor scheduling conflicts at work, but in the end, with a little perseverance and flexibility, we got things to work out and turn out well. It was briefly frustrating, but in the end it was all about finding a solution, and we did.

For me, so far the fiery wands can be a positive for enthusiasm, passion, and movement, being dynamic. Starting with the Seven of Wands was good, as it also had the lucky number seven. This is a card that also reminds us that what must go up must come down, and if my two readers recall, last week we ended the week drawing the Wheel of Fortune. So I saw it as a reminder to be cautious and not rest on my laurels.

The theme of juggling things really began with the Two of Pentacles on Tuesday. It was very accurate that day given the last minute class we ended up doing. On Wednesday, when I drew the Ace of Wands, I thought initially someone needed beating with a big stick. I even thought of Teddy Roosevelt’s saying of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. What can I say? I can be a bit literal sometimes when I read my Tarot cards. However, humor aside, even without looking up the card, I felt positivity and a good vibe for enthusiasm and creativity. It was also a continuation of Tuesday’s Two of Pentacles and the theme of balance. The Ace of Wands did turn out pretty accurate. In part because someone, who shall remain nameless to protect the not to innocent, did need a beating over the head, but in the end, things worked out around the obstacle.

Thursday’s Queen of Wands seemed to reinforce things in terms of keeping up good energy to move forward. Getting The Sun on Friday was a good way to wrap up this week. It made me smile as I would end the week on a nice, warm note. It also helped that the Friday was indeed a sunny day.


Marseilles Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands (Marseilles)

Marseilles Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles (Marseilles)

Marseilles Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands (Marseilles)

Marseilles Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands (Marseilles)

Marseilles The Sun

The Sun (Marseilles)


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