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Weekly summary of Tarot daily cards for week of February 29, 2016

Posted on: March 10, 2016

As part of my journey into learning the Tarot that I started this year, I do a daily single card draw on Mondays through Fridays. That is my part of my morning ritual of writing in my journal in the mornings before I get ready for work. I do a little writing, and then I draw the daily card and do a small reading or reflection on it, which I also write down in my personal journal. At the end of the week, or at the start of the following week if time got a bit tight, I go back and look at the previous week and do a small reflection in my personal journal  about the week’s draws, looking for patterns, to see if what I interpreted was close or not, so on. I am going to try to share some of those reflections here, and anyone out there with an interest in Tarot can feel free to comment. Do keep in mind I am still learning the cards, and this is my personal reading for me. Also, as I said, I am looking back in order to reflect. Down the road, I may go from one daily card to a three-card spread, but I am not quite there yet. So bear with me.

This week I am using my Marseilles Tarot deck. On the week of February 29, 2016, I drew the following cards:

  • Monday, February 29: 8 of Wands.
  • Tuesday, March 1: The Popess (a.k.a. The High Priestess in other decks).
  • Wednesday, March 2: 4 of Wands.
  • Thursday, March 3: 6 of Wands.
  • Friday, March 4: 10 of Swords.

It was a week dominated by the fiery wands with three cards in the same suit. Lyle (author of the book I am using, which is the guide that came with the deck I am using. I will provide the citation below) says the following about wands being predominant in a spread:

“When wands predominate in a spread they bring energy, movement, optimism, and creativity” (73).

Overall, it was a fairly optimistic week. On the Monday, the boss and I got together to review the final states of a pilot project the instruction team has been working on. The project went well, and now we move forward to do follow up and reflect on lessons learned.

Drawing the Popess on Tuesday puzzled me a bit, but I realize we are looking here at intuition and strong female energy. It urges paying attention to dreams. Curiously or interestingly enough, I did have a very memorable and vivid dream on Thursday night which I was able to record on my personal journal the next morning. I’ve also learned the Popess tends to appear at times in life when there is an interest in mystical subjects, like Tarot in this case.

The week continued back to wands on Wednesday and Thursday. The number four signals to abundant harvest and rest, the fire of the wands balanced by the earthiness of the number 4. The six of wands continued this theme and the overall positive vibe. On a side note, I am finding interesting the numerology, so this is likely an area I will explore and integrate into my study of the Tarot.

I ended the week with the 10 of Swords, an airy card that stands for consolidation before new things can begin. If there was any bad luck, then things can only get better from here. Given the previous week and this week as it ends, I think I will be OK. Overall, this was a good positive week for me.

Book citation: Jane Lyle, The Illustrated Guide to Tarot. San Diego, CA: Thunder Bay Press, 2011. ISBN: 9781607104308.(Amazon record, as WorldCat is just sketchy). You can find my review of the book and deck here.


Marseilles 8 of WandsMarseilles High PriestessMarseilles 4 of WandsMarseilles 6 of WandsMarseilles 10 of Swords





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