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Items about books I want to read, #57

Posted on: October 2, 2015


Here is another round of books I would like to read eventually:

Items about books I want to read:

  • Hurricanes and natural disasters often make the news. The part of those news that we rarely see is that there is a big profiteering element to natural and other disasters. Something like Hurricane Katrina is not just a natural disaster; it is also a disaster of social and economic inequality. You can read about that in The Disaster Profiteers. The book was featured in Scientific American.
  • Naturally, the librarian in me has an interest in books about libraries, so here is The Meaning of the Library: a Cultural History. It was reviewed in Macleans.
  • What do you know? There is a book out there about lists. Yea, lists, like to-do lists, inventories, etc. The book is Lists by Liza Kirwin, and it was reviewed at The Well-Appointed Desk.
  • Voter disenfranchisement is a big issue in the United States as political parties, especially the GOP, seek to keep minorities from voting. Learn more about this issue in Give Us the Ballot. The book was featured in Mother Jones magazine.
  • And speaking of the GOP, maybe it should stop alienating women, minorities, the LGBTQIA community, and young people, in other words, anyone other than rich white cis males. This book may be of interest to them, although at this point that party needs more than just rebranding as the article from In These Times suggests. The book is The Selfie Vote.
  • Enjoy paper folding? Like origami, but you think it’s just for kids? If you are an adult, maybe you want to try out Pornogami: a Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults. It was featured at Incredible Things.
  • I may have mentioned this before, but since I moved to Kentucky, my interest in bourbon has increased a bit. I am always interested in how alcoholic spirits are made, so it is kind of nice to live here where bourbon is made. Anyhow, there is a new book out by a guy who “tasted between 50 and 60 bourbons” and has written about it. The book is Bourbon Curious, and it was briefly mentioned in the Lexington Herald Leader.
  • NPR reports that Twitter has put out a guide book on how to use Twitter for politicians, and apparently it is quite amusing. You can download the handbook here. Yes, I did download a copy for myself, so you bet it will get reviewed when I read it.
  • Something “shop-related.” Saving this one more for future reference. The book is the Library Publishing Toolkit, which you can download for free here.
  • Oil/petroleum makes the world go round. But it does so at a high price. Learn about the corruption and scandals of The Secret World of Oil. The book was reviewed in San Francisco Book Review.
  • Also, the San Francisco Book Review says that “picking up where Goodfellas and The Godfather left off, The Mob and the City is a terrific, informative read.” Sounds like a good reason to pick the book up.
  • Wink Books highlights the book The Art of Robert E. McGinnis. The guy did a lot of pulp covers, many of which some of you might remember.
  • Wink Books also highlights the book American Grotesque: the Life and Art of William Mortensen.
  • My friend, Mark at Habitually Probing Generalist, has been reading quite a few graphic novels. Since we cannot resist graphic novels and comics in this joint, and some of these sound cool, here we go:
    • Here he reviews Sumo by Pham. Like Mark, I have enjoyed other books published by First Second, so this an added motivation.
    • Over here, he reviews the book De Tales. It is a collection of four tales set in urban Brazil.
    • He really liked this one, which by the way, would have fit into the LGBT Reading Challenge I am doing this year as well as the graphic novel challenges. Maybe if I get to it before the end of the year I can fit it in. The book is Stuck Rubber Baby.
    • He also really liked this one, from Image Comics, which is a publisher that has put out some other works I have enjoyed. As Mark describes it is a “twisted take on the Lewis and Clark expedition.” The book is Manifest Destiny, Volume 1. From the sound of it, I may have to order it for our library’s graphic novels collection.
  • Adding some manga to the list with Rose Gun Days, Season 1, Volume 1. It was reviewed at A Case for Suitable Treatment.
  • And speaking of manga, The Manga Critic reviews the pocket book  A Brief History of Manga.
  • When it comes to hipsters, there is no lost love. So some hipster humor is something I can appreciate. Bitches n Prose review the book Hipster Animals: a Field Guide.



Lists and bibliographies:

  • Donald Trump’s presidential run in 2015 has been seen as either a joke or an embarrassment of the American nation. One element he has is quite the authoritarian streak, and though many Americans say it could never happen here, well, look at who they have been supporting lately. This article in Alternet discusses Trump, authoritarianism, and offers a couple of books to read up on the topic.
  • Interested in what the faculty of the Harvard Business School have on their summer 2015 reading list? Here are some of the books that made their shortlist, via HBS Working Knowledge.
  • Recent research reveals that doodling can be good for your cognitive abilities. This article out of The Atlantic mentions a couple of books on the topic.
  • Wink Books has a post on a couple of volumes from the Dark Horse collections of Creepy and Eerie magazines.

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