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Items about books I want to read, #56

Posted on: August 7, 2015


Another week, and another list of books I would like to read someday. So, let’s see what we got this week.

Items about books I want to read:

  • AlterNet recently featured a profile piece on Ta-Nehisi Coates. It mentions his new book Between the World and Me. Given all the recent racial tensions going on, this may be a timely read. It certainly would go well with a few other relevant books I have been reading recently.
  • Via Liberation News, the book Revolution Manifesto: Understanding Marx and Lenin’s Theory of Revolution (no WorldCat record available as of this post). Some may say Marx and his ideas have no relevance today. I say given today’s climate of inequality and oppression Lenin’s and his ideas on revolution may well be relevant once more. As the news site states, “whether it is brutal murders by the police, the injustices perpetrated every day in the legal and prison system, or the military interventions around the globe—the state remains a topic of utmost importance for today’s revolutionaries. In the everyday struggles of working class and oppressed people the state often presents itself as the main enemy.” That may be a good reason to read this.
  • This I just saw on my news feed, and I knew it was timely and had to add it to my list right away. Via Counter Current News, a review and discussion of the book Rise of the Warrior Cop: the Militarization of America’s Police Forces. This is one I will very likely order for my library as well.
  • The next item is for one of those phrasebooks you can use in a workplace. I have used one or two before, usually to help fill out annual job reviews that require very specific language and usually use Likert scales to measure competency (as if, but that is another conversation for another day). Since then, I have a small interest in this kind of workplace book, which can either be good aids when you are short on words or right out workplace bullshit enablers. Anyhow, here is Powerful Phrases for Dealing With Difficult People. I am sure this is the kind of book you need if yo are doing annual evaluations, and you need to say “Bob is basically a sociopathic uncooperative asshole” in nicer terms. The book was reviewed at San Francisco Book Review.
  • We have two cats in our home, and they help keep life interesting. To that end, learning more about felines is a good thing, and the book Cat Sense may be helpful for that. It was also reviewed at San Francisco Book Review.
  • This is a different book about Alice in Wonderland. The book is a documentation and look at ways the characters of Alice in Wonderland have appeared in comics over time. In other words, how those comics somehow brought in the literary characters. The book is Alice in Comicland, and it was featured at Wink Books.
  • Here is something different, a book about mazes. The book is Labyrinths and Mazes, and it was also featured at Wink Books.
  • Moving to a different track, here is looking at food in terms of it being a commodity. Via the Food Politics blog, a book on the food commodities trading world. The book is Bet the Farm.
  • Also via the Food Politics blog, a book looking at industrial farming and its consequences for the world. The book is The End of Plenty.
  • I always have an interest in higher education books. This looks more like a book for my library, but if I do order it, I may pick it up. I do also have an interest in international affairs. The book is China’s Rising Research Universities, and it was reviewed at Inside Higher Ed.
  • Also discussed at Inside Higher Ed, a book that “makes the case for all colleges — not just those religiously affiliated ones that were part of the Lilly experiment — to talk to their students about living meaningful lives.” The book is The Purposeful Graduate.
  • As I am always looking for new manga to read, preferably with some kind of dark twist, this seems to fit the bill. The book is Alice in Murderland, Volume 1, which was reviewed at A Case for Suitable Treatment.
  • Let’s toss a little smut in for fun; yea, I do read some low end fun stuff once in a while. I got Becoming a Thug Wife (Amazon link. Check the pricing as it may have changed) when it was a freebie on Amazon, and I have been reading it in bits and pieces; it’s written as a set of short episodes. When I do get it done, I will likely review it. Anyhow, I saw that Bending the Bookshelf posted a review of it, so jotting down here as a reminder for me to finish it. I can tell  you the book does have its entertaining moments.
  • And now, let’s go for a little armchair travel with Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats, and Ramen. It was reviewed at Contemporary Japanese Literature.
  • A couple of books on drinking and spirits via Drinkhacker. One of the things I enjoy doing is visiting wineries and distilleries. I do find the process of making alcoholic spirits to be quite interesting, and often you get taste the product. First, let’s learn about the science with Proof: the Science of Booze (reviewed here). Second, the book Whisk(e)y Distilled (review over here).


Lists and bibliographies:

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