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Items about books I want to read, #55

Posted on: July 31, 2015

Ooh, we made it to 55 lists, nice number. Once again welcome to this semi-regular series in the blog where I keep expanding my TBR list. As always, comments are welcome.


Items about books that I want to read:

  • Let’s start this post with something nice and cute. I am a fan of Jeffrey Brown’s Star Wars children’s books. Thus, I am looking forward to reading Star Wars: Jedi Academy. It was featured in San Francisco Book Review.
  • This one, even though the review was mixed, still sounds interesting. And given recent events, such as the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality, it may be a bit more of a relevant read. The book is How Not To Be American, and it was featured in San Francisco Book Review.
  • I will be honest on this next one. I am not quite sure what the deal is, but the idea of yeti-hybrids controlling society sounds just crazy enough to get my attention. The book is Behold!!! The Protong, and it was featured in Wink Books.
  • Though I do not foresee myself getting a tattoo anytime soon, I do find good tattoo art fascinating, and I do admire those who have good quality ink work done on their bodies. So, books about tattoos are something I find interesting. Here is a book about tattoos of folks into science. The book is Science Ink, and it was also featured in Wink Books.
  • To many people, books of quotations may seem like anachronisms. Aside from people looking for a quote to fix up a speech a bit, who reads them? Well, I do. I do enjoy and browsing quotation books, especially quotation books around a specific topic. In this case, we have the Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations, 5th edition. I discovered it via San Francisco Book Review.
  • Next, a little erotica with Best Women’s Erotica 2014. This line from the reviewer at San Francisco Book Review may say what you need to know, and it is a sentiment I concur with: “If your only experience with erotica is that ‘certain trilogy,’ you deserve better.” Need help finding similar books so you can get better, ask your local friendly librarian. Your librarian turns out to be a prude (or worse, a fan of that “trilogy”)? Find another librarian.
  • Some manga titles via A Case for Suitable Treatment:
    • High School DxD, Volume 1. From the review, ” It’s your classic harem comedy, with lots of added fantasy this time, where the goal is to see how many different types of women you can have fall in love with the hero without any actual fornication occurring. . . “. I had no idea this was a “classic” genre, so I am curious now.
    • Phantom Thief Jeanne, Volume 2. The review is for volume 2, but I will naturally seek out the first volume as well so I can read the series in order. The premise, according to the description of the first volume is: “Seemingly normal high school student Maron Kusakabe spends her nights sneaking into art collections to steal paintings haunted by heart-devouring demons. . . “.
    • Servamp, Volume 1. According to the review it’s about a vampire servant, who happens to be a very lazy vampire.
    • Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 1. The reviewer writes, “The premise is simple and easy to understand. Our hero is a bit of a nerd with a crush on a gorgeous girl who reads the same erudite horror novels he does. On their first date, however, he discovers she is a ghoul out to kill him and eat his flesh.” You can take it from there.
  • I was reading this list of “7 Common Tequila Myths, Debunked.” I do drink tequila now and then, and I always find trivia related to alcoholic spirits to be interesting. The article also mentions a book: How the Gringos Stole Tequila. With that title, it sounds like a book to read.
  • I have been wanting to read this, and I thought I had added it to my TBR a while back. However, on searching this blog’s archive, I find that I did not add it previously, so here we go. The book is Secret Identity: the Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster, which was mentioned at Wink Books.
  • I don’t read much romance other than some to keep some degree of cred as librarian and readers’ advisor when it comes to that genre. However, much like the reviewer at Erotica for All, I also “was totally intrigued by the unique premise of Keira Andrews’ novel, A Forbidden Rumspringa – an Amish M/M erotic romance. ” I usually favor full erotica over erotic romance, but this one has me curious, so if I manage to get my hands on it, expect a review down the road. Keep in mind, this one is an e-book, so it may not be as easy to find in your local library.
  • I do like pulp art, so I am adding Pulp Macabre to my list. It was reviewed at Bookgasm.


Lists and bibliographies:


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