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Items about books I want to read, #54

Posted on: July 24, 2015

Welcome to another week here at Alchemical Thoughts and a few more additions to my ever growing TBR (to-be-read) book list. As always, if you read any of these, please feel free to come back and let me know how you liked a book or not. Who knows, you may convince me to move that book up in my reading cue and read it sooner. Finally, a small reminder that all book title links go to WorldCat so you can find it in a library near you unless noted otherwise.

CuriousGeorgeReadingItems about books I want to read:

  • Since I moved to eastern Kentucky and the Appalachian region, I have taken a bit more of an interest in rural news. The Daily Yonder is one of the sources I use to keep up on that topic, and recently they had a couple of items on books that sound interesting and are also relevant to rural communities. This first article discusses options and caveats about rural communities trying to bring manufacturing jobs back to their areas. The article also highlights the book Selling the State, ” that traces the evolution of Kentucky’s industrial and economic development policy over much of the last half of the twentieth century.” The book is actually freely available online (link to the book’s PDF) from Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. That book may be a bit more technical than what I usually read, but I am also posting about it here in case others, say librarians in the state, need to know about it. So I may not get to this book anytime soon, but I think folks need to be aware of it. The second article is a book review of The Internet is NOT the Answer. This is relevant to rural communities where Internet access can be sketchy and in some areas barely existent. However, the book should interest anyone in information sciences, including information literacy librarians.
  • Want to learn more about horror films? Do you ask what makes a horror film a horror film? Which are the best ones? Which should you avoid? Perhaps the book Horror Films FAQ can help. It was reviewed at San Francisco Book Review.
  • The one book I read by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro ages ago, which was a Saint-Germain novel, was one I enjoyed, so I have always wanted to read more by her. So, I am adding another one to my list. This time it’s Night Pilgrims, and it was also reviewed at San Francisco Book Review.
  • Like whisky? Want to learn more about it? Maybe some new ways to mix it? For instance, coconut water and whisky, which by the way, when I traveled to Puerto Rico for my mother’s funeral I discovered is a fairly popular drink down there. And you do use good whisky for it. The book Whisky: The Manual may be of interest. It was featured in Liquor Snob.
  • Let me toss in next some work-related items in my quest to keep up in my profession:
  • I always looking at good photography books, especially ones where I can learn new things or see rare things. This book is right up that alley. The book is Before They Pass Away, which features photographs of tribal groups that may be in danger of vanishing forever. It was featured at Wink Books.
  • Also via Wink Books, a different book on a different set of tribes, this one about Japanese street tribes’ fashions. The book is Tokyo Adorned.
  • Next we have a history book that aims “’to show that there are other US histories than the standard Anglo narrative’ by focusing on Hispanic influence in the country’s past and future’”. The book is Our America: a Hispanic History of the United States. It was reviewed at the Times Literary Supplement.
  • Let’s have a look at the early days when forensic science was starting out. The book is The Poisoner’s Handbook, and it was featured in Blogging for a Good Book.
  • I wonder how well or not this book may go in my campus, which does have a pretty strong wellness obsession (some could say a bit much, this kind of thinking is not new or unique to the campus). The book is The Wellness Syndrome, and it was reviewed at Inside Higher Ed.
  • Marion Nestle provided a blurp for this book on pigs and the pork industry. It does sound interesting. The book is Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat.


Lists and bibliographies:

  • This is one that has been sitting on my feed reader cue for a while, and it is time to add it here and share it. Via The Advocate, this is “Yaoi: The Art of Japanese Gay Comics.” The article serves as a primer as well as a short list of some reading suggestions. And yes, I do read yaoi (and yuri, and so on).
  • Many readers, especially women, get their erotica fix via Amazon and the Kindle. However, Amazon is notorious for censorship of erotica titles. In this piece published a while back at BDSM Book Reviews, you can find a list of alternative online sites that will sell you erotica without the prejudice and fuss.
  • I was not terribly interested in this piece on culture shock and other discoveries new academic librarians make. Maybe because I experienced some of it. At any rate, the piece out of ACRLog does mention a couple of books I would be interested in reading.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the Philippines and Filipino libraries and culture, you are in luck. Vonjobi has just published a great list for beginners at Filipino Librarian: “The Philippines for Beginners: Book Recommendations.
  • Bisexual Books has compiled a “Black Queer and Trans* Reading List.” From the looks of it, is it intended to be updated as needed.

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