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Items about books I want to read, #47

Posted on: February 6, 2015


Here we go again with another compilation of books I would like to read. The TBR list keeps growing, but I am cool with that. I won’t be running out of things to read any time soon, and that is a good thing. Plus if my two readers here find something to read from this series of posts, that is cool too. If you do, feel free to comment and let me know what you read and how you liked it or not.

Items about books you want to read:

  • I have read about company towns now and then, including Hardy Green’s The Company Town. Here is a photography book about the town that Kodak built, a look back at a time when Kodak was a strong company (via The Morning News). The book is Kodak City.
  • Via the 365 Letters blog, a review of Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Celebrating the Joys of Letter Writing. Personally, I am fascinated by letters, and I do find it sad people just don’t write as much as they used to, aside from some people who persevere in the art.
  • And speaking of writing, a forthcoming book on stationery. Discussed at The Well-Appointed Desk, the book is Adventures in Stationery, due out in May 2015 (with a different title for the U.S. apparently. Read the post for details).
  • For me, a new Eduardo Galeano book is a good thing. Mother Jones features some excerpts from his book Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone. Personally, I like reading Galeano in the original Spanish, so here is the link to the Spanish edition too.
  • My four readers may know that I do watch porn now and then (sometimes even with the Better Half). I came of age during the 1980s VHS porn heyday when part of watching the movies was some of the ridiculous or cheesy attempts at plot just as much as the sex. The art in those VHS covers often promised way more than a movie might deliver. Now, there is a book that looks at the best of the porn movie posters of the 1970s and 1980s. Reviewed at Bookgasm, the book is Sexytime: the Post-porn Rise of the Pornoisseur. The blog post also includes links to other books that may be of interest too.
  • I am not a sports fan, but I find books with human interest like this one to be interesting. The book is Bull City Summer: A Season at the Ballpark. It was reviewed in Mother Jones magazine. My interest is that I hope it is similar to Josh Peters’ Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies, and Bull Riders, which I read.
  • In the mood for some horror? Like Lovecraft? Perhaps The Book of Cthulhu II will be to your liking. It is reviewed here at Bookgasm. I have not read some good horror in a while, so maybe this will fit the bill nicely.
  • I have mixed feelings at times about movies adapted into comics and graphic novels. Some work well; others do not work as well. Bookgasm looks at an old classic, Alien: The Illustrated Story. Looks like an interesting artifact of its time.
  • A book by or edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is usually a pleasure for me to read. Running a bit behind on this, but this time she is editing some nonfiction in Best Sex Writing 2013. It is reviewed in San Francisco Book Review.  They also reviewed her erotica anthology anthology Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women’s Erotica. By the way, if folks are interested I have read and reviewed the following erotica anthologies edited by Ms. Bussel: Serving Him, the oral sex themed Going Down, and her Best Bondage Erotica 2014. By the way, I have the 2015 edition up on my reading cue, so you will see a review of that soon over at The Itinerant Librarian.
  • And let’s add a little related to information sciences (a.k.a. talking a little shop). Library Juice highlights another of their fine books on information studies. The book is Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader.


Book lists and bibliographies:

  • Not so much a list of books to read. This is really something for amusement. BuzzFeed had a list of “27 Books You Won’t Believe Actually Exist.” This is worth a laugh or two.
  • If you like cooking, here is a list of 20 amazing cookbooks, according to The Advocate. There are a couple of celebrity books, but there are also one or two that seem interesting.
  • The Art of Manliness has a list of “Essential Jeremiads: 16 Cultural Critiques Every Man Should Read.” From the list, I did read Allan Bloom’s book ages ago, and I did not particularly think much of it back then. Still, the jeremiad is a solid literary tradition, it should be part of your information diet, and as the bloggers write, a “jeremiad can challenge your assumptions, shake you out of apathy, spur reflection, and inspire changes in your beliefs and habits.” So, I am adding this list so others and me can challenge ourselves a bit.
  • Via the Los Angeles Review of Books, a review of three books about libraries. From the list, I already read the Dawson book, and I will put up my review of it soon.
  • I do not know about folks out there, but I am willing to admit it: yes, I do read in the bathroom when making a “longer” necessary visit. Shelf Talk features a couple of books not about reading in the bathroom but about those very necessary acts we all have to do sooner or later.

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