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Items about books I want to read, #46

Posted on: June 20, 2014


I have not done one of these compilations in a while, so time to do another one. So many books out there that sound good or intriguing that I would like to read some day, and there is so little time. In the meantime, I am adding them here for future reference.

Items about books:

  • Matt Taibbi has a new book out, this time looking at why the rich pretty much get away with their crimes while the Average Joes get the book thrown at them. AlterNet has a piece discussing the book as well as a profile of his work overall. The new book is The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap. Also mentioned in the article is his book The Great Derangement, which I have read; this was not an easy book to read, but it had some good moments. From the article, I gather some of his earlier work from Russia may be worth a look.
  • Another reading tip via AlterNet, but on a different topic: the death of the American mall. This is certainly not news; the recent recession has likely accelerated the decay process. The book in question this time is  Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping.
  • I always enjoy books of trivia and curious statistics. I find them an easy way to learn a lot about different things. So, a book of odd and curious sex statistics definitely sounds good. Via, which highlights some sexual statistics from the book, the book in question is  Book of Odds, From Lightning Strikes to Love at First Sight, The Odds of Everyday Life.
  • Stephen Jones writes in his introduction to A Book of Horrors that “the time has come to reclaim the horror genre for those who understand and appreciate the worth and impact of a scary story.” To which I say, amen. As he further points out, “these days bloodsuckers are more likely to show their romantic nature, werewolves work for covert government organizations, phantoms are private investigators, and the walking dead can be found sipping tea amongst the polite society of a Jane Austin novel.” If that is your thing, go read that stuff. Hey, I am a librarian; I won’t judge you (publicly at least). Heck, I will even help you find some of those tea sipping zombies if that is your thing. But for those of us who like horror to actually scare us, this book may be just what is needed. It is reviewed at Bookgasm here.
  • Owl Tell You About It reviews an older classic, Venus in Furs.
  • Via Contemporary Japanese Literature, a review of Thermae Romae, manga about “about Lucius Modestus, a Roman architect living in the first half of the second century who specializes in designing baths and balnea, or bath houses.”
  • Harry Houdini was not just a escape artists. He also spent a lot of time exposing fakes and con men. Now, there is a book collecting some of his early writings on that topic. The book is The Right Way to Do Wrong, and it is reviewed at Guys Lit Wire here.
  • My Bookish Ways interviews Mark Teppo, the author of Earth Thirst, which is briefly described as “an eco-thriller with vampires.
  • Blogcritics does a brief review of Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination. The reviewer writes that readers who enjoy this erotica genre should consider adding it to their libraries. I do read erotica, and though not a huge fan of femdom, I’d be willing to give this one a try. That reviewer also reviews Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire. Want some mythology and paranormal with your femdom, then this may be the book for you. Both books are edited by D.L. King.
  • Let’s go light now with a little humor with our erotica. Via City Book Reviews, a review of Sock Monkey Kara Sutra.
  • Lambda Literary features an interview with John Waters, who has a new book out now. The book is Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America.
  • Going culinary, Bee Wilson has a book that sounds interesting. It sounds like the kind of microhistory I enjoy reading. The book is Consider the Fork: a History of How We Cook and Eat. You can find a review of the book here at Cooking with Ideas.


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