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Items About Books I Want to Read, #45

Posted on: April 25, 2014


A nice variety this week for this list. From urban gentrification to B-movies to erotica, there is a bit of everything this week. So, let’s have a look at some things I would like to read down the road.

Items about books I want to read:

  • We begin this time with a book about gentrification and cities. This new photography book, discussed in Grist, “juxtapose[s] photos of defunct New York City mom-and-pops with their depressing corporate replacements. . . .” The book is Store Front: the Disappearing Face of New York.
  • Moving on to exploited and underpaid food workers. Why is this a big dea? Because among other issues, when they get sick, they cannot afford to take a sick day; hell, they don’t even get sick days. This was a topic I highlighted in my personal blog a while back, and it is one that should concern anyone who eats out. There is a new book out on the topic, Behind the Kitchen Door, and it was discussed in Bill Moyers’ website here.
  • Via Bookgasm, a book about “a group of men sent on suicide missions, more or less, but always pull it off.” The book is the comic collection Rat Pack: Guns, Guts and Glory.
  • As some of you know, I like beautiful women, and I do like vintage photos of classic women. So, via Bookgasm, this book which is “a babe-by-babe survey of some of 1960s cinema’s sexiest screen starlets” is certainly of interest. The book is Drive-In Dream Girls: a Galaxy of B-movie Starlets of the Sixties.
  • Let’s add a little steampunk to the list here. Via Blogging for a Good Book, the recommendation for Jack Dann’s and Nick Gevers’ steampunk short fiction anthology Ghosts by Gaslight. It looks like a ghost story collection with a steampunk element.
  • When it comes to erotica, I often enjoy the anthologies published by Cleis Press. For instance, I recently read Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book I am highlighting now has been on my cue a while, so I am adding it to my reading list now. Reviewed in Lambda Literary, the book in question this time is Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica edited by Sinclair Sexsmith.
  • Via My Bookish Ways, a new author for me with a short story collection. The reviewer writes, “Daniel José Older captures all of the dark recesses of the human heart and puts them to the page, all the while capturing the blinding light of the human spirit.” The book is Salsa Nocturna.
  • Let’s switch over to food a bit. Like this reviewer writing for Powell’s, I too am a fan of pizza. So a book like My Pizza: The Easy No-Knead Way to Make Spectacular Pizza at Home would be of interest.
  • And now, a little manga. The Neon Genesis Evangelion is a series I have been meaning to read. Viz Media is putting out omnibus editions, and A Case for Suitable Treatment reviews the first omnibus volume, which covers the first three volumes of the series.
  • I often say that my generation and I may be the last ones who were actually taught handwriting formally, certainly may be the last to learn cursive. Then again, my parents sent me to Catholic school, and the brothers were big on teaching handwriting. I have to say that skill has served me well in various things including keeping my personal journals. So, this book by Philip Hensher on the topic sounds interesting. The book is The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting, and it was reviewed at Lambda Literary.
  • I will admit that what attracted me to this book initially was the title. It looks like one of those light humor books I enjoy now and then, often while sitting in the porcelain throne. The book is Earn Your MBA on the Toilet, and it was featured at City Book Review.
  • Let’s stay with humor a bit more. Also featured at City Book Review, here is Pu Pu Hot Pot: the World’s Best Restaurant Names.


Lists and bibliographies:

  • Microhistories are one of my favorite genres in nonfiction. Book Riot had a post with a list entitled “Microhistories of the Mundane: 10 Books About Everyday Stuff.” This is the kind of neat bookish post I enjoy from Book Riot, but they just do not seem to do as many of these lately. From the list, I did read Petroski’s The Pencil, but that one was a bit disappointing. However, one not so good book is not going to stop me from reading others in the list.
  • Here is another neat list Book Riot did a while back, this one on “15 Fabulous Bookish Pinterest Boards.” I am not a fan of Pinterest, but these seem worth a look.
  • And if you need to find reading ideas and like reading about the reading life, a while back Flavorwire had a list of “The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers.”
  • Smut Book Club had a list of “The Dirtiest Books Your Must Read.” Actually, that sounds like a challenge. Some of these do not sound that dirty, more like funny (if we go by some of the titles at least).

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