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Items about books I want to read, #43

Posted on: April 4, 2014

CuriousGeorgeReadingWelcome once again to another edition of “Items about books I want to read.” This is the semi-regular feature (as in I do it when I have time or feel like it, or just have enough items to make a post) where I highlight books that sound interesting and that I think I would like to read. Consider this my ongoing TBR list. If you have read any of these, you are welcome to comment. Maybe you can convince me to move a particular book up the cue (or you want to spare me what could be a terrible book).




Items about books:

  • A bit of steampunk from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Mignola is well known for Hellboy, so I don’t think I will go wrong here. The book is Joe Golem and the Drowning City, and it was reviewed here on Guys Lit Wire. This is an illustrated novel.
  • The folks at Lambda Literary wrote that “somebody needed to do this: compile a knowledgeable, historical collection of queer comics.”Justin Hall has done it, and the book he created is No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics. It’s published by Fantagraphics; I’ve read other stuff put out by them, so I am willing to bet this is pretty good too.
  • Also via Lambda Literary, a review of The Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino. This is nonfiction, and it comes from Cleis Press. I have read other books published by Cleis, so again, going by reputation I am sure I cannot go wrong here. As the reviewer writes, “the book truly has something for folks of all experience levels, from a beginner who’s curious about exploring to more experienced readers interested in being challenged by discussion of kink community/culture, edge play and consensually pushing our limits.” For any of my four readers curious, I would fall in the beginner category.
  • Once I discovered the Horus Heresy series, I was hooked. Now, it has not all been a smooth ride. I have enjoyed some volumes better than others, but overall, I have been pleased with the series. My Favourite Books has a short review of James Swallow’s entry in the series, the novel Fear to Tread. Speaking of James Swallow, I recently read a different novel of his part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe: Hammer and Anvil. My review of that is here.
  • Via A Case for Suitable Treatment, a review of Sakuran.
  • Because you might get thirsty while you read, well, you may want to have a good cocktail. Or you like reading about good cocktails. I know I do. So, via Liquor Snob, here is a short review of Destination Cocktails: the Traveler’s Guide to Superior Libations.
  • As much as I read science fiction, Philip Jose Farmer is a gap that I need to remedy. This book of his, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, may be just what I need. I like Jules Verne, so this should be up my alley I hope. It was reviewed in Bookgasm here.
  • Getting now on a serious track. The folks at Powell’s Books often pick out interesting books, like this selection they describe as “a haunting cross-country journey through the individual lives of America’s increasingly neglected working class.” The book in question is Someplace like America: Tales from the New Great Depression.
  • Here is an interesting discovery: an anthology of science fiction erotica. The book is Fantastic Erotica: the Best of Circlet Press 2008-2012. The book is reviewed at Bending the Bookshelf.
  • I have to say that as a librarian who strives to keep up with what is going on my profession, LISNews is just not what it used to be when they started out. I am not sure why I keep it on my RSS reader other than pity or nostalgia I guess. I used to comment on a story there now and then, but then it seemed the place just fizzled away. At any rate, once in a while they would highlight a good book here or there, and this is one of those rare times. They are mentioning a book by Alex Johnson entitled Bookshelf.
  • I always enjoy a good art and/or photography book. A book about comics? Even better, so this should be right up my alley: a book about old comic book covers. Via Bookgasm, the book is Action! Mystery! Thrills!: Comic Book Covers of the Golden Age, 1933-1945. This is the kind of stuff folks refer to when they say that they don’t make them like that anymore.
  • Greta Christina is promoting her book, Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why. In this blog post, she highlights some positive blurb. Personally, I was hoping to borrow it via ILL (interlibrary loan to my non-librarian friends), but WorldCat is not listing many locations. Having said that, ordering it for our library is certainly a possibility.
  • Via Bookgasm, a collection of three novels featuring Judge Dredd simply entitled Dredd. Though it seems to have use a photo from the recent movie, the book collects three earlier novels. I have usually read Judge Dredd in comics, so this may be an interesting new way for me to read more on this character.
  • Dr. Myers, a while back, highlighted the book Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients. According to his note, “drugs that don’t work, dangerous side-effects concealed by legalistic loopholes, blatant biases in drug testing…and the data are hidden away from the conscientious doctors who try to give informed recommendations. It’s all scary stuff.” Sounds like quite a read.

Lists and bibliographies:

  • A list of “Top 10 Most Provocative Books Coming Out This April [2014]” via Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing. From the list, I have read The New Naked (add review link), which I do not recommend. There are a couple other titles on the list I would not mind checking out.
  • Again, running a bit behind on some things. Dirty Librarian’s September 2012 list has some items of interest. From that list, I did read the Who is Jake Ellis? volume. Here is also her October 2012 list. From that list, I have the Johnny Hiro volume on my TBR shelf at home. The blogger seems to have disappeared after April of 2013. A pity really given she does read some interesting things.
  • Some Spanish language books. Via Papeles Perdidos, “Los 20 libros de 2012.”
  • I always enjoy books about books, reading, and the reading life. So naturally, I have to take note of this list of such books from the folks at Book Riot.
  • Marion Nestle highlights two books on first-hand food industry work.

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