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My experiences during Berea College’s Civil Rights Tour 2013

Posted on: October 18, 2013

I had a series of posts on my professional blog on my experiences during the Civil Rights Tour that Berea College, where I work now, organized during the summer of 2013. I wanted to put the links here in one place as another way to share those posts with readers. Feel free to click, read, and check them out. Comments are welcome here or there.

At the end of the day, I know a few people on campus read and/or saw the posts. As I noted in one of my posts, we did keep a group journal as well where each member of the group took a turn to write reflections on the experience. The journal notebook is now kept in the library of the Carter G. Woodson Center. I think it can be viewed upon request if you visit (for viewing in their reading room only). However, I am not aware (as of this writing) that any other member of the tour group kept any form of notes, online journal, or blog about the experience. On a side note, we did have a journalist from the town newspaper take the journey with us, and she had said she was writing for a possible article in the local weekly paper, The Berea Citizen. However, after scanning back issues (the paper is not available online), I have not seen any write up (as of this blog post) from the journalist, so I am guessing the editors did not run it given we are in October 2013 by now.


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