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Items about books I want to read #38

Posted on: July 5, 2013

Welcome to another edition of this semi-regular feature where I make a list of books I would like to read at some point. I come across books I want to read in various places, and I use these posts to make a note of them for future reference. Maybe you will find a reading idea or two as well here. As always, book links go to WorldCat to help you find it in a local library (unless otherwise noted); I figure you can find a place to purchase the books if need be.

Items about books:

Lists and bibliographies:

  • This may be good for some people getting ready to watch the new Superman movie (or for after they watch the movie). Via BuzzFeed, a a list of “12 Superman Stories Everyone Absolutely Needs to Read.” I would not say everyone absolutely has to read every item on the list, but there are one or two good ones. One can also argue that there are items missing. For instance, Superman for All Seasons did not make this list, and it is an excellent work. From the list itself, I have read Superman: Secret Identity and Superman: Red Son. I am intrigued by Superman: Brainiac, which I recently placed on hold at my local public library. There may be one or two others I want to read but not as urgently.
  • Also via BuzzFeed, a list of “60 Comics Everyone Should Read.” Again, it is one of those relatively subjective lists. There are some good things, and there are some not so good things, but the good things can give a reader just getting into comics and graphic novels a nice exposure. There are a few in here that I have read. One interesting thing they do on this list is give you a suggestion of what to read next if you liked a particular title.
  • Book Riot offers a small list of “5 Books on the Business of Books.” That kind of book for a librarian who is also a bibliophile like catnip to a cat.
  • Joshua Kim at Inside Higher Ed offers his “Summer Nonfiction Recommendations.” There are one or two titles on this list that spark my interest.

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