Alchemical Thoughts

Items about books I want to read #37

Posted on: June 7, 2013

Welcome once again to this semi-regular feature here on Alchemical Thoughts. This time, I got a good number of reviews from City Book Reviews. They don’t always have stuff I am interested in, but when they do, it’s like hitting a jackpot for me as a reader. As always, comments are open, so if  you read anything mentioned here, feel free to comment and let me know. Also, reading suggestions are always welcome.


Lists and bibliographies:

  • The 2013 Independent Book Awards have been announced. They have a lot of categories, and this year they totaled 382 medals. Worth a look. Odds are good you can find something to read from this big list.
  • Want some science fiction and fantasy? The 2012 Nebulas have been announced. The announcement includes winners and nominees.
  • Via the blog Papeles Perdidos, a list of “Once novelas para descubrir el corazón del mundo” (11 novels to discover the heart of the world). Article is in Spanish. A few of the titles are basically translations of international works into Spanish, which may be useful for Spanish readers.
  • Not quite sure what to make of this news item, but since I am curious reader, who knows. I may seek some of this out down the road. BetaBeat (being a bit alarmist if you ask me) reports on Luna Loupe, an author on Amazon who writes erotica a bit off the beaten path. Basically mermaids, tentacles, etc. I don’t think it is that big a deal, but then again, being a bit alarmist does get the eyeballs to a website I suppose. Anyhow, the story does include links if interested. Here is her Amazon page.
  • A few authors and scholars come together to give their lists of “5 Arabic Books to Read Before You Die.” Via Arabic Literature (in English).
  • Bobbie Newman, at Librarian By Day, has a list of “Recommended Reading for New and Not-So-New Librarians.” From the list, I do recommend Sutton’s Book, The No Asshole Rule (link to my review) though maybe not for the reasons she suggests. That is a book every library manager does need to read, but also every librarian so they know when to leave Dodge City.

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