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Items about books I want to read, #29

Posted on: March 23, 2012

We are almost to 30 of these little posts listing books I would like to read or that I find interesting. If I ever won a big lottery jackpot (as if) that was good enough for me to retire early and never have to work, I would spend a lot of the free time reading. Oh well, a man can dream. In the meantime, here we go:

Items about books:

  • Via Intoxicated Zodiac blog, a review of the book Hola Tequila! (record to Barnes and Noble because apparently Worldcat does not have it). The book looks like a nice, little fun recipe and tequila trivia book. Also on the blog, you will find a recipe for a cocktail to try out.
  • The Bibrary Book Lust blog offers an excellent review of a book that can serve as a good educational reading, especially for those of us who are allies and wish to learn more. The book is Transgender 101: a Simple Guide to a Complex Issue. The reviewer describes it as “one of those rare pieces of non-fiction that works equally well in educating (and entertaining) both within and outside the community it explores” (emphasis in the original).
  • Via Lambda Literary, a review of  the anthology Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary. I will admit I am adding this to my reading list out of curiosity. Then again, I have always been curious reader willing to try out new things. The reviewer writes: “I turned the pages on these stories proud to be a trans writer, proud to be part of a witty, nasty, brilliant community of poetic perverts and wicked wordsmiths, wall-walkers who simultaneous manage to celebrate the peculiarities of our kind while sensuously stroking the taut chord of common humanity.” I think in the end good fiction (a lot of it anyhow), erotica or not, LGBTQ or not, has to be well written and touch on common humanity.
  • The Manga Critic, in her feature of The Best Manga You’re Not Reading, recommends a manga about a Japanese ex-pat in New York City who is a hitman among other things. Sounds like one should ask “what is there not to like?” The book in question is Benkei in New York.
  • The Manga Critic also reviews an adaptation of Gail Carriger’s first volume of the Parasol Protectorate series. I did not know the stuff had been adapted to manga. I have been mostly lukewarm about reading the novels, but I may be willing to read the manga adaptation, at least Soulless, Vol. 1.
  • Via Readers Read blog, a video and mention of Joe Hill’s book Horns. In the video, the author is discussing his work. I really got to know Joe Hill from his work on the Locke and Key series, so I am a bit willing to take a chance on his fiction.
  • Guys Lit Wire review two books in this post. I am only interested in the Ultimate X: Origins. It is written by Jeph Loeb, whose work I know from Batman: The Long Halloween and other Batman tales. The guys also discuss and review the Robot Novels of Isaac Asimov. I’ve had those tales on my list of stuff to read for quite a while now. It may be time to buck up and start reading them.

Book lists and bibliographies:

  • Passover is coming soon. If you want to learn more, The Prosen People blog offers some lists of books about and for Passover.
  • This is not so much a book list as a list of items about books and reading. The Millions offers a guide to literary Tumblr websites. I am jotting this down so I can look it over later, maybe add a thing or two to my feed reader.
  • Via Lambda Literary, the announcement of the finalists for the 24th Annual Lambda Awards. I always  like keeping track of this list to get ideas for LGBTQ reading. The list always feature a very diverse range of genres and topics.
  • Also via Lambda Literary, a small list of recent lesbian erotica by Sinclair Sexsmith in “Cliterotica:Winter 2012.” Yes, some of this may be NSFW for some folks. You have been warned.
  • The Singing Librarian gives his list of books read in February 2012. The one I am interested in from the list is the one by Maurice LeBlanc.
  • The Publishing Triangle, the association of lesbian and gay men in publishing, announced their finalists for the Triangle Awards. The final awards to be announced in April.

2 Responses to "Items about books I want to read, #29"

Hey! Thanks for the link to Cliterotica—hope you get a chance to read some of those titles, they’re pretty great. Lots of good stuff coming out this year. Great roundup.

Sinclair: Thank you for stopping by. I am hoping to get to some of these down the road.

Best, and keep on blogging.

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