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This is a big reason why I read

Posted on: February 10, 2012

I jotted this quote in my personal journal a while back (January 20, 2012 for those who need to be exact). As I am rereading over my journal for possible blogging ideas, I came across it again. I figured it was worth sharing the quote as well as the short reflection I did upon it.

The quote:

As librarians, I think it’s our responsibility to read. Yes, we want to be experts in many areas, but we’re likely the best and only reader’s advisor in our schools. And a reader’s advisor can’t just talk about reading, we need to read.”  –Leigh Ann Jones, from Shelf Consumed, 12/30/11.

I do strive for a good generalist knowledge, which is why I work at keeping up. This includes reading. Sure, I read because I enjoy reading, and I also enjoy learning from what I read. I also read because I think we librarians ought to be reading. In a time when librarians are willing to give up on books, and let’s be honest, give up on the idea of reading as a whole, some of us need to keep on reading anyways. A lot of librarians would be content to allow libraries to be turned into glorified coffee shops and Internet cafes. The benefits of reading overall are clear, and librarians should not only encourage reading, but they should also lead by example.

To be honest, I don’t trust librarians who don’t read. Whether they read in print or electronic form, librarians who read books just seem more trustworthy, respectable, whatever you want to call it. I have no respect for librarians who take pride in not reading books. That just seems wrong to me, but I wonder if librarians like me who read are becoming fewer in number.




2 Responses to "This is a big reason why I read"

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