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Turns out I do collect pens

Posted on: May 13, 2011

New Pen Holder

I do some pen collecting. I saw the question–do you collect pens, and how do you collect them–in a blog a while back. I gave it some thought, and I realized that I do collect pens. Now, I do not collect expensive or high end pens. Those are too expensive, and I do have to live on a librarian’s salary.

I like pens that work for me. As I think about it, I collect two kinds of pens. I have a few nice pens that I use as my personal pens, signature pens. Then I have pens I use on a daily basis as my work pens. I use my work pens for more extensive writing, such as writing on my personal journal. Now, I may use one of my nice pens to write in my journal, usually when I am not at home, but overall, I use my daily use pens as my basic writing tool.

I have gradually built a small collection of the personal/signature pens. I keep those in my jewelry box, and I try to rotate their use. Currently, I am favoring my Waterman Harley Davidsons: one is a fountain pen, and the other one is a roller ball with a nice wolves scene on the barrel. The fountain was a lost and found unclaimed item in one of the libraries I used to work at; it was going to be discarded. I claimed it. It is a bit worn, but with new ink cartridges, it has been working well for me. In fact, I’ve used it to write in my journal a few times. It has become a favorite pen. The roller ball was a present from my better half a while back. I do have some nice ballpoints as well, but I do not use them as much.

As for my casual/daily writing, I tend to prefer gel pens or roller balls. Pilot G2’s (like the ones in the photo), ones in different colors, are ones I do like. They have a nice point, thin, the ink is usually smooth, and the color variety is nice too.

So, that’s a bit about the pens I collect and use.

A hat tip to the Goldspot Pens blog, which gave me the inspiration to write this. It was a nice bit of serendipity that Plinky had a prompt asking about stuff I collect too.

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Short addition: The link from Goldspot Pens on “How Do You Collect Pens?” Found via this carnival. Plinky is not very good about placing links in replies.

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