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Items about books I want to read, #18

Posted on: March 1, 2011

Once again, I have another list of items about books I would like to read someday. Just when I feel that this may be a bit futile, I get inspired to keep doing it anyhow. I keep coming across so many neat books I want to read from so many different places that I just have to jot them down here in the scratch pad. Plus I have the hope, infinitesimal as it may be, that someone out there may look these over and maybe find a good book to read as well, so consider it a small form of public service on my part. Anyhow, here goes posting #18 (we are almost up to 20 folks):

Booklists and bibliographies:

  • The Manga Critic has “7 Short Series Worth Adding to Your Manga Bookshelf.” Looks like just the kind of stuff I like: short series that begin and end rather than go on and on like a bad American soap opera. I may have to see if I can find some of these.
  • From the Good Show Sir blog, which makes it its mission to poke fun at scifi/fantasy book covers (you know the ones), a look at Descendants of the Light, which they describe as “a book about a woman being rogered by an angel.” Hey, if that does not make you go run and buy it, I don’t know what will. What I was interested in was their mention of the publisher, Changeling Press. I am always looking out for publishers I have not seen before, so I will be taking a look, maybe invite the better half to look as well.
  • For those who like cooking and other epicurean things, here is a list of cookbooks from and about New Orleans cooking. The post is “Kitchen Bound with Premier New Orleans Cookbooks,” and it comes from the Fine Books Blog.

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