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Farkas summarizes key concerns on ebooks and libraries

Posted on: January 18, 2011

An interesting post by Meredith Farkas, of Information Wants to be Free, on “Ebooks and Libraries.” The post serves as a very good summary of current concerns and issues about ebooks and their platforms and their use in libraries. This was a post that I shared on MPOW’s internal reference blog as well; we’ll see if it sparks any discussion. I would be specially interested to see what anyone else at works says, specially some folks who do see patron-driven acquisitions as the next panacea. Farkas does a pretty good job, taking the view of someone who is well-informed but not an “expert” on ebooks (personally, I think she is being way too humble given the woman is pretty much a fountain of knowledge), which makes the post very accessible. She touches on many concerns that I have as well, but that I don’t always dare speak out loud at MPOW. Anyhow, worth a look.


And an additional item: Just as I finished posting this, I find Emily Lloyd’s Shelf Check toon on ebooks and how they work. Too funny and appropriate not to share with this.

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