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Some recent items in librarianship I don’t quite have time to tackle

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Consider this post a list of some blog posts I have found interesting in some way, some positive and some negative, that I have no time to craft a reply or additional thoughts. However, I would like to at least jot down a thing or two, and since this mess is not ready for prime time I am putting it in the scratch pad.

  • From ACRLog, “How Much is Enough?” This is about folks who drop their professional memberships in librarianship (mostly ALA, but I am sure my Canadian brethren may have a thing or two to say too) due to financial constraints. To me, this is just the latest incarnation of the seemingly annual ritual, which usually happens around ALA’s Midwinter meeting. It so happens it is end of the year too, the time when people have to decide to renew or not. This has been going on, in one shape or another, since at least 2005 when I actually wrote something about it. I am just a bit tired of hearing about it, and while I could say more, well, just plain tired.
  • Meredith Farkas on “What do they really need?” asking questions on whether what we do really meets student needs or not. To be honest, I have wondered a couple of things she lists myself, but I will admit I have been gun-shy about asking.
  • From Musing about librarianship, here we have “Thoughts about library portals.” Some ideas I have considered as well, and a few that I learned about from reading the post. Again, one of those where I don’t feel too brave speaking for one. And two, the kind of thing that if some of the more technolusty in my midst see they may go overboard. One of the catches in our profession: lack of balance.
  • The Annoyed Librarian has been playing the “would public libraries be founded today?” game. She started it here, and she gives some additional reasons here. Personally, my answer would be no, public libraries would not be founded today. I agree with some of the reasons she gives, and I would add one or of my own. Maybe I will write this one out some day in the future. One of my first pieces of evidence in supporting the negative proposition? This less than enlightened person’s letter to the editor (via the Port Orchard Independent). Actually, I have a few clippings similar to that letter for the day when I get inspired to tell some ignorant people why they really need a library.

Anyhow, there are a few things that gave me a moment or two to think. I probably won’t get further in terms of writing on these, but I just wanted to jot them down.



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