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Media mostly clueless and fawning when Pope speaks

Posted on: November 24, 2010

The Atheist Experience blog posted a piece by Don Baker on “Media Fawning Over Papal Claptrap.” I posted the link to my Facebook page, and I am crossposting it because it is well worth reading. I too get annoyed anytime the Pope decides to utter something as if it was relevant or a great revelation. The latest condom pronouncement is not some great revelation. It is just him trying to cover his church’s collective ass and his own. His list of gripes against the media’s brown nosing of the Vatican is a must-read. It is high time someone holds the Catholic church and its leadership accountable for their crimes ranging from  decades of systematic child abuse to misinformation on health and reproductive issues. Sadly, it won’t be Catholics who for the most part prefer to either remain silent or lash out at others when these issues are pointed out. Sorry, but you are not getting a free pass from me. If you tolerate what the Catholic church does or fails to do in terms of things like protecting children, preventing the spread of disease, and other forms of oppression, you are as much part of the problem as the church hierarchy. No one forces you to remain in the institution.

And we could speak about other religions, but that would be a separate post. Our point for now is that the media really needs to take up its role of critical investigator instead of fawning puppy.



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