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Maybe someday I will make a life list

Posted on: October 20, 2010

I like the idea of making a life list, also known as a bucket list. But to be honest, I would not know where to start. There are things I know I would like to do, but there is no chance in hell I will ever do them unless I suddenly win the Powerball. I just personally do not like the idea of putting something down in writing that I know will never happen. I understand that is not necessarily the point of a life list, that part of it is supposed to embody dreams and aspirations, and even if you do not complete, there is value to it. Still, I struggle with how to build it. In the meantime, I am using this post as a reminder that I would like to do it down the road.

This post from the blog Escape the Ivory Tower gave me the idea. Julie, the blog’s author writes, “Whenever I read someone’s life list, I immediately learn things about them — what’s important to them, what they value, what they care about. Writing your own list can have the same effect, showing you themes and connections you might not have noticed otherwise.”

Maybe that is where the value lies, as a sort of reflexive exercise. We’ll see.



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